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"Mommy, you are the greatest!"

by Victoria L., 2nd Grade
Shanghai Luwan No.1 Central Elementary School, Shanghai MI
""This is one of my favored drawings that I have completed recently. This is a special drawing that I wanted to dedicate to my mom. She is the best mom in the world to me. I love her very much! I wish all of you will love your mom as I do and know always to say " thank you " to your mother. In this drawing, me and my dad brought a bunch of flower to my mom. She is very happy to receive it. I have put the Chinese character "Le" meaning happniess in the heart and marked on mom's upper arm as well. Wish all the mom happy forever!" Being creative to me is just being yourself and being unique. It's a special way to express the colorful world & inner side of an individual. "

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