One of the most serious needs in education today is for the effective training and mentoring of new teachers. Teachers new to their profession must navigate a bewildering array of challenges, including some they might not have experienced during pre-service. The sheer diversity of goals, policies, and budgets of school systems means that colleges cannot possibly prepare new teachers for every contingency.

The Crayola Success Guide for New Art Teachers grew out of our recognition that art teachers could benefit from a guide that addresses their specialized circumstances-managing an art room, buying art supplies, advocating for their programs in the face of shrinking budget allocations. The material we've assembled incorporates contributions from a wide spectrum of veteran art teachers, art supervisors, and college art education professors.

The introductory material for this guide has been published as an eight-page guide and may be downloaded by clicking here.

We're pleased to offer additional supplementary material that may be accessed free by clicking on the links to the right. We hope that these resources will help the new art teacher successfully meet the many challenges of their first year or two in the profession.

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Success Guide Introduction

Practice what you teach

Diminishing the "creativity inferiority complex"

Writing a mission statement

Displaying student work

Art room management

Attracting positive attention

Pie-in-the-sky and sample budgets

Success Guide

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