Dear Community Leaders,

We all know that the arts are essential for creative, thriving places for families to live. One of our challenges is to excite and unite people to build vibrant, inclusive, and economically prosperous communities.

With this in mind, Binney & Smith, manufacturer of Crayola® products, invited leaders from Kennedy Center Imagination Celebration (KCIC) in Colorado Springs, Colorado, to join forces to develop YOUR COMMUNITY - Bridges Toward Creative Collaboration - Strategies for Success. Colorado Springs leaders share what they have learned from experience about how to use the arts to engage people to build and sustain a creative community. This guide outlines their most successful strategies.

If you-as an arts administrator, board or commission member, educator, artists, funder, public official, parent, or family advocate-are devoted to including the arts as a community-building tool, this guide is for you.

We invite you to think big, start small, and work collaboratively as you create bridges toward growing a community with a wealth of cultural connections. Success awaits those who begin the journey.

Creatively yours,

Ron DeLong Manager, Educational Curriculum and Resources

Letter to Community Leaders

What is the Kennedy Center Imagination Celebration?

Create a team with vision and a mission
Construct a strategic plan Identify resources in your community Build relationships and support collaborations Create vibrant, inclusive, and economically sound events Recognize and celebrate collaborators

Sustain your success
Success Guide

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