Glossary of Terms

Banner Ad Standard, rectangular Web advertisement that links to another site.
Bookmark Online reminder that flags a desired Internet address for future reference.
Chat Room On-line communication in which typed messages can be exchanged in real time.
Cookie Software implemented on a visitor's machine that enables the server and the visitor to "remember" previous transactions or registration information.
Encryption Coding of confidential, personal, or financial information for secure transmission.
FAQ Frequently asked questions.
Firewall Security procedure that sets up a barrier between an internal LAN and the Internet.
Forum Open, non-simultaneous discussion on an on-line service or Web site.
FTP File Transfer Protocol. Method used to upload and download files between a computer and Internet servers.
HTML Hypertext Markup Language. Used to author Web documents containing links, graphics, and multimedia.
ISP Internet Service Provider. The company that sells the use of its powerful servers and high-speed transmission lines for access to the Internet.
Link An HTML technique that allows a user to jump from one location on the Web to another.
Message Board Allows users to post messages on part of a Web site for others to read. For example, forums or electronic bulletin boards.
Server Computer used to control or manage a network.
SSL Secure Socket Layer. Netscape's protocol for sending confidential information over the Internet.
URL Uniform Resource Locator. Address designating the location of resources on the Web.