Crayola® Dream-Makers™ Lesson Plan Components

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Easy to use

The new multi-age format makes it easy to customize teaching for students in grades K-6 and includes all-new lesson plans as well as proven favorites. Links to Gardner's Multiple Intelligences are identified and we've included word lists as well as a glossary of terms for each lesson.

Complete Solutions

These classroom-tested lessons provide complete preparation and supply lists, objectives, step-by-step processes and other creative resources to help enhance learning. Each lesson is illustrated by an example of student artwork that shows multiple solutions.

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Lesson plan example page 1

1 - Objectives

The objective grounds every lesson in a purpose

2 - Multiple Intelligences

Helps you address various learning styles

3 - National Standards

Standards identify the age-appropriate levels for the specifc curriculum and the visual arts

4 - Background Information

Background information and vocabulary list provide interesting avenues for exploration of subject matter

5 - Resources

Annotated resources identify books and websites as well as fine art images that help teach and/or expand upon the lesson

Lesson plan example page 2

1 - Artwork by Students

Classroom-tested projects, featured in full color, for a variety of ages

Lesson plan example page 3

1 - Preparation and Discussion

Suggested preparation and discussion ideas for easier classroom and lesson management

2 - Process

Step-by-step instructions for sessions of 20-30 minutes each

Lesson plan example page 4

1 - Grades

Each lesson is adapated for a range of grades

2 - Assessment

Assessment shows you how to measure against the standard

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