Family Travel

Planning a Getaway

Tired of always taking the same ordinary vacation? Try something different with your family.

Involve your kids in travel planning. Kids can help pick from a list of places you recommend. Create a family voting board where kids draw the choices on a poster board and every family member can vote. Make planning the trip an educational experience that involves children in decision making.

Once you’ve chosen a destination, help kids look at a map and see where they will be going. Help them draw a map of your travel route and chart travel progress with a Crayola Erasable product.

Pack fun for the trip. Busy kids are happy kids. Print Coloring & Activity pages to complete and Travel Games to play during your trip. Take along Crayola products. They’re fun for all ages and a great way to capture memories. Keep your bag of supplies full and handy.

Urge kids to draw the scenery they see as they drive along the highways. They could write a story about your holiday travels to go along with their drawings.