the other IQ

Experts say that imagination is as important as intelligence in determining children’s long-term success. Use this quick Other IQ (Imagination Quotient) quiz to gain insights about how you use imagination and creativity in your teaching. Your Other IQ score could help you determine ways to better leverage creativity in your classroom.

Thinking about your classroom, your teaching style, and the expectations you have for your students, choose the one response that best answers the following questions. Then add up your score to see what it reveals.

1. How do students in your classroom spend most of their time?

2. What strategy do you primarily focus on to teach literacy skills?

3. What do you consider the main benefit of doing art activities in your classroom?

4. From the following list of goals you might have for your students, which is most important?

5. How would the use of creative arts in your classroom compare to other classrooms?

6. If a school budget cut were required, which program would you recommend cutting?

7. How do you plan your activities and lessons?

8. Which of the following describes what hangs on most of the walls in your classroom?

9. How frequently do you share creative ideas with or receive creative ideas from others?

10. Which statement best describes your beliefs on children’s creativity?

11. What do you do to nurture students’ creativity?

12. When your class makes holiday crafts or Mother’s Day gifts, which is your main objective?

13. Which of the following describes how you prefer to assess students?

14. What art materials do students use in your classroom?

15. What do you do to nurture your own creativity?