the other IQ

New learning shows that a child's Imagination Quotient (their Other IQ) is as important as their Intelligence Quotient (their IQ) when it comes to success in life. Take the other IQ quiz and answer fun and thought-provoking questions about your child's problem-solving approaches, activity choices, and ability to see the world from other points of view. Your child's Imagination Quotient may amaze you!

Thinking about your child, pick the answer that fits best for each of the following questions:

1. What does your child do on a long car trip?

2. What does your child see in abstract artwork?

3. If stranded on a tropical island for a week, what would your child want to take along?

4. How does your child typically approach problems?

5. Which activity would your child want to do during family time?

6. What gifts does your child typically want to receive?

7. When waiting in a restaurant, what does your child do?

8. Which of these terms best describes your child?

9. How does your child make decisions?

10. When the weather is bad, what does your child want to do?

11. When you look at your child’s art work what do you see?

12. If you were to ask your child to write and illustrate a new story about “The Octopus Who Wore Sneakers,” how would your child respond?

13. If you were to ask your child to draw “the Earth as an insect would see it,” how would your child respond?

14. During parent-teacher conferences, what do you typically hear about your child?