There are two IQs: the Classic Intelligence Quotient, and now the Imagination Quotient.

Dr. Robert J. Sternberg, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences at Tufts University, is a renowned psychologist who specializes in determining what makes people successful. Dr. Sternberg has conducted research that demonstrates that imagination is as important as intelligence in predicting how successful people will be later in life—and that standardized tests are not the best predictors of success.

“While children need traditional analytical skills, that isn’t enough. Imagination stretches their original thinking.” Sternberg reports. Teachers and parents who value students’ imaginations and who challenge children to think of new ideas are nurturing the type of critical thinking skills that lead to long-term success.

Do you know your Other IQ (Imagination Quotient)? Take one of these quick quizzes and learn more about yourself or your child. See if you’re a Caterpillar or a Super Star, or if you fall somewhere in between.

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