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Involving Busy Parents

Educator Asks - I know that many parents have busy schedules and try to be involved in their children's school activities. What are some ways teachers can involve busy parents?

Parent Answers - There are likely lots of tasks that teachers need to have done, such as Web research on a special topic, developing a class newsletter, or finding materials for an art or science project. If you developed a "Need to Do" list that went home once a month, asking parents to help, you might be pleasantly surprised at how much support and interest would be generated. Parents want to be involved, but many cannot take time during the day to volunteer in the classroom on a routine basis.

Many parents have rich interests and talents that they would gladly share. Ask if parents could introduce a musical instrument to the class, demonstrate how math or writing skills are used in business, or introduce the class to their careers. Other parents may be able to write out and share ethnic folk tales for language arts lessons, or participate in a weekend playground repair project. Ask parents to give you information about their interests, skills, talents, or personal experiences and how they might be able to share these with your students.

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