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Starting the School Routine

Educator Asks:
How do parents help transition their kids from summer to school and get them prepared for the school routine?

Parent Answers:
Attitude is a large part of getting kids excited about going back to school! My children look forward to seeing their friends from school and getting back into a regular "school routine". We practice getting up early about a week before school starts. They get excited about organizing their homework area and purchasing new school supplies. Making "back to school" preparations special helps them transition from their care-free summer days.

I talk with my kids about what they expect during a typical school day. Sure it is exciting to go back to school the first day or two. But prepare kids for the reality of waking up early, rushed mornings, the discipline of sitting at desks, and being responsible for getting work done. Establish routines that make this go smoothly. Select clothes the night before. Prepare a list of favorite breakfast foods. Establish an afternoon schedule that includes snack, homework, and personal time which kids can spend in their favorite ways.

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