Create Original Halloween Costumes & Masks

Who wants to wear a copy-cat costume or mask? Instead, create your own imaginative trick-or-treat gear.

Match the Theme to the honoree Scare Up a Quick Costume
Going trick-or-treating? A quick costume is no problem. Just find a worn-out light-colored shirt. Decorate it with Crayola® Washable Markers. You're ready to party! Need a different costume the next day? Wash out the first design, and create another one! For details on how to do check out Wash & Wear Art.

Match the Theme to the honoree Fright-free Fantasy Masks
Very young children are often reluctant to wear masks over their faces. They often feel more comfortable if they create their own masks. Have them decorate paper plates with friendly faces using Crayola® Markers or Crayons. Help them cut out eyes with Crayola® Scissors. Attach with string. Or some children feel better holding their masks, so glue large craft sticks onto the masks' bottoms. Voila! Make this friendly Fantasy Masks your child can feel comfortable with.

Ring Around the Napkin RingsThe Costume's in the Bag
Use a paper grocery bag to make a vest or costume. Cut the bag with Crayola® Scissors from the center of the open edge to the middle of the bottom. On the bottom, make a neck hole. On each side, cut arm holes. Turn inside out to hide the writing. Decorate with Crayola® Washable Markers and Glitter Glue. Create any costume that suits your fancy...from Outer Space Outfits to a personal plump pumpkin.

Alien Scavenger HuntMake a Magical Mask
Shape white or colored Crayola® Model Magic® into a face-size mask. Use your imagination to create a gorilla, alien, storybook character, or any other creature. Sculpt horns, hair, ears, and details with the modeling compound. Poke a hole on each side and insert elastic to hold the mask on ears. Cut out eye holes with Crayola® Scissors. Bunch up newspaper in a face shape and lay your mask on it to dry. Add color with Crayola® Washable Kid's Paint. When dry, tie elastic through the holes, and you're ready to trick-or-treat!