Declarations and Decorations of Love

Warm the hearts of family and friends with declarations and decorations of your love on Valentine's Day! Here are some creative ways to let people know you care.

Hearty MealtimeHearty Mealtime- Create Valentine's Day placemats for each family member. Start with a large paper heart, write words of love in Crayola® marker or crayon, and then cover with clear plastic adhesive paper, such as Con-Tact® paper. Make napkin rings to match with recycled gift-wrap cardboard rolls cut into 3 inch sections. 

Wear a Valentine- Make holiday necklaces for your favorite people. Shape red and white Crayola® Model Magic® into hearts of all sizes, string on a ribbon, and voila-loved ones can wear your lovely gift. 

Petals of LoveWrite petals of love- Cut flower petals and leaves from paper. On each, write an endearing message with Crayola markers and decorate with heart designs. Attach to chenille stick stems. Create an entire bouquet. 

Memory BookStart an Annual Valentine Memory Book- Create your own memory book. Draw a heart on the cover. Each year on Valentine's Day, you and special loved ones write about the good times you shared the past year. 

Children Create CouponsChildren Create Coupons- Everyone would appreciate coupons that grant wishes and offer to do chores such as: clear dishes off table, pet care, help with laundry, and even extra hugs. Use Crayola Metallic Colored Pencils to draw each promise on a construction paper heart and arrow. This generosity will go straight to the recipient's heart! 

Heart to Heart HuddleHave a Heart to Heart Huddle- What better time to reminisce with loved ones about fun times you've spent together and talk about what is important to each of you. Take time on this holiday to talk, heart to heart.