Silly Putty
Stretch it! Bounce it! Break it! The Real Solid Liquid® has brought silly fun to kids and kids-at-heart since 1950. Get the latest news on this unique substance.

03/02/00 Toy classic turns 50
Silly Putty -- that peculiar, pinkish substance that bounces like rubber and stretches like taffy -- turns 50 today, as the American toy classic celebrates with a new color, a Web site and a place in history.
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06/01/00 The Top 50 Silliest Uses for Silly Putty
An internal panel of Silly Putty experts evaluated more than 3,000 entries and selected the following ideas as the silliest, most original and yes, practical, too.
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06/01/00 New Silly Uses for Silly Putty
These inventive uses were among those chosen as the silliest from the more than 3,000 silly ideas fans of Silly Putty entered into the “Silliest Uses for Silly Putty Contest.”
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03/28/01 Silly Putty Bounces into The National Toy Hall of Fame
Silly Putty, that peculiar pinkish substance that bounces like a rubber ball and marked 50 years as an American toy classic last year, is celebrating another milestone – its induction into The National Toy Hall of Fame.
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03/28/01 Fun and unusual facts about Silly Putty
What you always wanted to know about Silly Putty but were afraid to ask!
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11/08/05 The History of Silly Putty
Do you know how this popular plaything in the familiar red egg got hatched?
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