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Rocket Minds by Crayola Makes Learning Fun and Colorful
Features New “Crayola Jelly Board” Drawing Surface

EASTON, Pa. -- The maker of Crayola products is ready to let children discover the joys of learning in a whole new way with the launch of Rocket Minds, a new line of learning games and activities that brings Crayola color and creativity to subjects like math, science and language arts. Developed for children ages 4 to 11, each game and activity makes learning fun through art and color, while allowing parents to assess their children’s progress in the classroom and supplement their skills at home. Six of the nine learning activities in the Rocket Minds line feature the Crayola Jelly Board, a cool, new writing and drawing surface that puts fun at kids’ fingertips! Kids can draw or write with the magnetic stylus provided or use the magnetic stampers to create fun images. And when they want to start over, they can erase the entire Jelly Board -- or just a portion -- by simply rubbing their fingers across the screen! Rocket Minds Jelly Board products engage kids in phonics, story-writing, math and U.S. geography with games that are so much fun, kids will want to play as they learn for hours on end. And at a retail price around $10, they make a great gift or anytime treat.

Rocket Minds Phonics Draw will help kids 4 and up be quick on the draw when it comes to language arts skills. The kit includes 50 color-coded letter cards kids slip into plastic slots. They create words, decode them phonetically, then practice writing them on the Jelly Board with the enclosed magnetic stylus. Make a mistake? No problem, just erase as much or as little as you’d like using your finger. Moms love Phonics Draw, too, because it’s portable, and everything fits into a neat plastic pouch making it perfect for kids on-the-go. Phonics Draw is a great way for parents to see how their children are progressing with reading readiness.

Rocket Minds Story Builder helps kids get the "write" story! Story Builder turns nouns, adjectives and verbs into cool tools of creativity for kids learning to write stories. Aimed at ages 7and up, Story Builder teaches sentence structure and word function, but to kids it feels like pure fun. The handy kit contains 12 Story Builder Cards, containing 24 words total. Editing a story is simple: a gentle rub of the finger and a word or sentence is history. The Jelly Board features printed lines for practicing cursive writing and a menagerie of animal stampers to spark the imagination of any young writer. The portable and durable Story Builder is the perfect travel buddy.

Rocket Minds Monster Maker Math is "monstrous" fun for kids scared off by traditional math enrichment activities like flash cards. Featuring the Crayola Jelly Board, Monster Maker Math is a fun way for kids age 4 and up to learn numbers and get a head start with addition and subtraction. One or more players can use the "creature feature" stampers and stylus pen to play several different games. When parents play along, they can easily assess their child’s progress with numbers. The kit features a durable, zippable plastic pouch for easy storage. It’s a welcome addition to any travel or overnight bag.

Rocket Minds Pizza Maker Math offers the perfect recipe for mastering fractions. Using the all-new, kid-friendly Jelly Board drawing surface, six magnetic pizza topper stamps and a magnetic stylus pen, children ages 7 and up can create pizzas and spice up their math skills in the process. One or more players can enjoy several games. The kit is completely reusable, and all the parts fit neatly into a zippered pouch, ready for more fun learning next time.

Rocket Minds American Adventure maps out a plan to improve children’s geography skills. American Adventure makes learning U.S. geography, capitals and facts fun, from sea to shining sea. Curious kids 7 and up can quiz themselves -- and even Mom and Dad! What’s the capital of Pennsylvania? What’s the state bird of Wyoming? Youngsters get a big perspective on this big country, thanks to the new Crayola Jelly Board technology and American Adventure cards with fun facts about all 50 states. It’s the ideal travel activity because youngsters learn about the places they’re visiting with this 100% portable American Adventure!

Rocket Minds Space Explorer fuels kids’ natural curiosity about space and our solar system. Ten missions start the countdown to inventive fun and help build scientific thinking skills. The stellar Crayola Jelly Board technology makes a perfect launch pad for learning-based fun, and six magnetic celestial stamps help spark the imagination of the budding astronaut. Calculation error? No problem! A rub of the finger erases the mistake! The kit is ideal for children 6 and up. Everything fits neatly into a durable plastic pouch, which means no mess once the mission is complete.


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