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Getting There Is Half the Fun . . .
Nationwide survey ranks art materials as one of top three travel "take-alongs"
92% of parents polled prefer "no-mess" activities

EASTON, Pa.-- Keeping kids busy and content while traveling can make all the difference in the world when families take off for summer vacation! What do moms look for in the ideal travel companion to occupy young kids' time while en route to their vacation destination?

According to a recent national survey of 1,000 parents of young children, 72% said they would take art materials to occupy their children's time. This number dramatically increased to 92% when parents were offered a completely mess-free art activity.

Among those who shy away from certain art supplies, more than half say the reason is mess. Crayola Color Wonder virtually eliminates mom's "mess stress" while the family is on the road because the colorless ink inside Color Wonder markers magically appears only on special Color Wonder paper. That means no purple skin, pink mini-van seats or hand-decorated clothing!

Color Wonder's benefits for kids on the road and at home have been recognized within the toy industry. Stephanie Oppenheim, publisher of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, calls Color Wonder "ideal for travel because the markers are colorless and won't stain clothing or upholstery. Best of all, kids are fascinated by how the color magically appears on the special Color Wonder paper." Color Wonder products have won Oppenheim Toy Portfolio gold and platinum awards, the highest given by the organization. In addition, the Color Wonder Activity Tote and Fun Desk were named one of "Dr. Toy's Best Children's Vacation Products."

Travel-friendly Color Wonder products include:

Crayola Color Wonder Coloring Book & Markers guarantee mess-free success, even for the very young. Since the special Color Wonder Coloring Book allows colors to only appear inside the lines of the specially treated, preprinted images, children as young as 3 years-old will know the joy of staying "inside the lines." The set comes with six Color Wonder markers and a 24-page Color Wonder coloring book with storage pouch for about $7.99.

Crayola Color Wonder Marker & Activity Tote is the ultimate in portable fun and creativity. It contains eight Color Wonder markers and a 36-page Color Wonder activity book in a nylon tote bag for about $14.99.

Crayola Color Wonder Mini Travel Tote is perfect for on-the-go fun. The vinyl tote includes Color Wonder markers and a 20-page 5" x 7" Color Wonder tablet. It retails for about $9.

Crayola Color Wonder Coloring Book Case combines two themed Color Wonder coloring books with 10 Color Wonder markers in a fun carrying case, all for about $17.


Crayola Color Wonder mess-free art products are recommended for children 3+ and are available at mass merchandise, food and drug stores nationwide. All products in the Color Wonder line are certified non-toxic by the Art & Creative Materials Institute.

Independent research conducted by Bellomy Research, Inc. in April, 2002. Study included interviews with 1,000 parents or legal guardians of children ages 2-10.


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