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Boring Note-Taking Goes Bye-Bye!

Easton, PA – February 13, 2011 - Note taking may be a necessary part of learning, but who said it has to be dull and boring! Crayola is making writing or note-taking more fun and colorful for the older set with its Wild Notes products. Crayola Wild Notes notebooks give kids a seriously fun way to write. Students can watch one pen create lots of colors in their writing with each note they take. Changing colors on every page are a fun way to tackle any assignment, from doing colorful calculations in Math class to adding bold hues to science lessons. Crayola Wild Notes notebooks infuse colorful fun into every subject. So much so, students just may end up taking lots more notes!

The Wild Notes Journal, the newest addition to Crayola’s Wild Notes line, goes beyond the classroom. Tweens and teens can keep a personal diary, holding onto memories by writing down thoughts, doodling cool pictures and much more all in wildly colorful writing!

The Crayola Wild Notes writing fun begins with

a 1- or 2-subject spiral notebook. The clever combination of special paper and the Wild Notes pen make the magic happen. Although they may look like standard school supplies, that’s where the

similarity ends. Start writing inside Wild Notes

and hundreds of amazing different colors

appear, with unique patterns and textures on

every page! Wild Notes notebooks make note-

taking and writing seriously fun.

Crayola Wild Notes are available in a 1-subject,

wide-ruled 10.5” x 8”, 75-sheet notebook, and a

2-subject, wide-ruled 9.5” x 6”, 75-sheet

Notebook, each with a special Wild Notes pen

and a durable notebook cover.

Taking Wild Notes beyond the classroom, kids

can use Crayola’s Wild Notes Journal to write notes for themselves, or even keep a personal diary! The special combination of unique paper with the Wild Notes pen transforms written words into colorful expressions. Unique pages are designed to inspire, including space to number pages to refer back to thoughts and inspiration. The journal includes a built-in pocket designed to hold loose sheets or CD's. In addition, the Wild Notes Journal includes a secure pen holder that keeps the Wild Notes pen in place. Use the Wild Notes Journal to hold onto memories forever by writing down thoughts, doodling cool pictures, and much

more all in wildly cool, colorful writing!


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