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Crayola Expands Pop Art Pixies Craft Kit Line with “Fab” New Activities for Tween Girls

Easton, PA – February 13, 2011 — They’re popular, artistic and love making cool stuff! They’re Skye, Maya, Tatum and Naomi -- the Pop Art Pixies. These true-to-life characters, each with unique personalities and special interests, are the basis for a line of Crayola activity kits for tween girls also called “Pop Art Pixies.” New activities including “Fab Snaps” designer fabric patches that snap together to create multi-layered fashion accessories and an “Ice Jewelry” making kit are coupled with, the characters’ online world. This online world allows tweens to “hang out” with the Pixies, make new friends and show off their crafty creations through an on-line community created just for them.

The Pop Art Pixies characters form a group of friends that tweenage girls can relate to. Whether they’re eco-friendly and into saving the environment like Skye, love to throw parties like Tatum, all about music and technology like Naomi, or love expressing their creative side like Maya, tween girls will enjoy learning about themselves and sharing their unique style at an on-line destination that totally gets them.

The craft kit side of Crayola Pop Art Pixies just expanded with the introduction of several new design kits. Each kit lets girls make and personalize something new that reflects their personality and interests, then share it online with their friends by uploading photos of their creations at the Pop Art Pixies Web site. Here, they can discover new things, express themselves without judgment, build their self-confidence and enjoy a sense of belonging.

Crayola Pop Art Pixies Fab Snaps Wristlet lets

tween girls design a one-of-a-kind purse wristlet to show off their unique personality and moods using ”Fab Snaps” -- fabulous designer fabrics in trendy designs that snap together to create a custom look. The set comes with 20 different Fab Snap patches featuring fashion-forward, colorful designs and patterns. Choose up to three patches, layer them on top of each other, and use the silver snap to secure them onto the wristlet. Girls can create a new look for their wristlet to accent any outfit by mixing and matching different Fab Snaps for hundreds of new

looks. The kit includes 1 purse wristlet, 20 patches

(satin and felt) and 3 snaps.

Crayola Pop Art Pixies Fab Snaps Jewelry allows girls to design unique jewelry to show off their personality and moods from a variety of patterns offered! Tweens can layer and snap different combinations of fabric patches onto necklaces and bracelets to create hundreds of new looks. To add style to your wardrobe, just pop off the Fab Snaps, layer a new set of patches onto the multi-attachment and clip on a new silver snap. The kit includes 32 Fab Snaps patches, 6 snaps, 5 multi-attachments, 3 bracelet bands, and 2 necklace chords.

Crayola Pop Art Pixies Ice Chandelier helps girls design their own room décor. Tweens can create unique, icy effects on shimmery discs using Crayola Ice Markers. As the ink dries, they crystallize before girls’ eyes for an icy look that makes any room look way cool! The metallic disks can be linked together in endless designs and re-linked to create new chandelier styles. The icy designs can easily be wiped off so the disks can be re-designed for a special party or hanging out with friends. The kit includes: 135 metallic links

(circles & diamonds), 128 dual-sided metallic paper

discs, 1 circular base with 6 arms, 1 hanging ring, and 3

ice markers.

Crayola Pop Art Pixies Ice Jewelry lets tween girls

use their creativity to design chic jewelry with “icy effects.” Using Crayola Ice Markers, tweens can draw

on the metallic discs and then slip them into a slot on necklace pendants, bracelets and rings to show off their unique designs. Actual photos can also be slipped into the slots to show off BFFs, a special pet, favorite musician and more. Girls can upload pictures at and then perfectly size them to fit each piece of jewelry. The ice marker wipes away for easy re-design. The kit includes 2 rings, 2 pendants (with cords), 2 bracelets, 28 metallic paper discs

(pre-printed and blank designs), and 3 ice markers.

Crayola Pop Art Pixies Flower Garden lets

tween girls build a personal flower garden by customizing their own flower pots. Tweens can easily design the potted flower garden with pre-printed stickers and a blue metallic marker. Chic “metallic effects” can be created on pots, trays and labels. The metallic marker is easily wiped away, making design possibilities endless! The garden set can even double as a place to store personal gear (hair bands, desk accessories, etc).The kit includes: 3 flower packets (sunflower, zinnia and marigold), 3 silver metallic pots, 3 domes, 1 pink tray, 3 labels with 3

label holders, sticker sheet and one blue metallic marker.

Crayola Pop Art Pixies Fab Snaps Water Bottle lets tween girls put their imaginations in motion as they decorate a reusable water bottle that not only reflects their personal style, but also their concern for the environment. Tweens can express their individuality by placing stickers in any pattern on the water bottle. They can also decorate the silver cord that hangs from the water bottle with fun Fab Snaps by choosing up to three fabric patches, layering them on top of each other, and using the snap to secure them onto the cord. There are 14 Fab Snaps to choose from for unlimited, design combinations. The kit includes one 500ml aluminum water bottle with cap, sticker sheet, 1 multi-attachment, silver cord,

14 Fab Snaps patches and 2 snaps.


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