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Face Paint & Body Art Henna Design 2010

February 1, 2010 — EASTON, PA — Crayola is putting the “self” in self-expression with its new line of face painting and body art kits that let kids become their own works of art. Crayola Face Paint and Body Art Henna Design kits are quick and easy to apply with press-on transfer sheets that don’t require water or brushes.

Special cosmetic-based paint applicators produce a quick and easy design every time. Just peel away the protective coating and press-on swirls, squiggles, dots and henna designs. Then blot with a tissue and enjoy! Mom will appreciate that Crayola Body Art and Face Paint is easy to remove. Now, when enthusiastic young artists get the urge to express themselves, Mom can relax knowing that it will all wash away before bedtime!

Crayola Quick & Easy Face Paint kits bring the fun of the fair, the highlight of the birthday party, and the chance to enhance Halloween costumes right into kids’ homes! Each kit gives children the chance to create unique, professional-looking designs all on their own that look like a pro applied them. The applicators are simple to use and require no water or brushes. And the cosmetic-based formula washes off easily with soap and water. The kits are available in 3 themes and come with 8 sheets of perforated shapes that create 8 different faces, one design crayon to enhance and customize, and an instructional guide that includes the history of face painting.

Crayola Quick & Easy Face Paint -Girl Theme includes fancy and feminine designs that are sure to delight little ladies including princess, tribal girl, kitten, fairy, mermaid, butterfly, flower child and unicorn. Kit contents on previous page.

Crayola Quick & Easy Face Paint -Boy Theme includes cool and tough designs that reflect the energy and enthusiasm of young boys including super hero, tribal boy, tiger, lizard, bug, dragon, monster and spider. Kit contents on previous page.

Crayola Quick & Easy Face Paint – Gender Neutral Theme includes animal and character designs that will have brothers and sisters creating together including tiger, tribal, leopard, wolf, mouse, puppy, bunny, bird and clown. Kit contents on previous page.

Crayola Quick & Easy Body Art Henna Design kits are perfect for girls 8+ who love to express their individuality and create body art designs with henna. While traditional henna with its rich hues makes a colorful statement on skin, it’s difficult and time consuming to apply. Crayola has developed revolutionary press-on appliqués that are quick and easy to apply and produce great results. Just press the design onto dry skin and remove the transfer sheet to reveal shapes. Mix and match henna designs by combining different shapes for an original look that’s all you! Kits also include a body art pencil to outline designs or add detail.

Unlike traditional henna applications that can take weeks to wear off, Crayola Body Art is made from a cosmetic-based paint in shades of deep brown, dark red and dark orange, and is easy to remove with soap and water.

Girls can choose from three super hip design themes — Ancient, Floral, and Tribal. Each Crayola Body Art Henna Design kit includes 8 sheets of perforated shapes, one body art pencil and an instructional guide that includes historical and cultural information about henna.

Crayola Quick & Easy Body Art –

Tribal Henna Designs offers patterns

that reflect the rich cultural history of

body art used by Native American

Indians. Kit contents listed above.

Crayola Quick & Easy Body Art

Ancient Henna Designs allows young

ladies to partake in a tradition used

thousands of years ago by the ancient

Egyptians to decorate themselves for

special occasions and celebrations. Kit

contents listed above.

Crayola Quick & Easy Body Art –

Floral Henna Designs reflects the

natural beauty of the earth with floral

designs that include paisley and vine-like

patterns. Kit contents listed above.


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