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ReStick 'Ems 2010

June 1, 2010 --Easton, Pa. — The scene is a familiar one for parents with school-age children. Sarah’s science teacher assigns a poster project, and it quickly turns into a family assignment. But thanks to Crayola’s unique new repositionable project accessories, presentations and poster-making just got a lot easier, allowing parents to jump-start the project, but be less hands-on. In the end, kids will be proud of their work, and parents will feel good knowing they did it themselves.

Crayola ReStick ‘Ems provide students with easy-to-use, one-step project and craft tools that eliminate extra steps, mess, waste and frustration that typically comes with school poster projects. And when the process is worry-free, kids can channel all their energy into creativity! Six different assortments cover a broad range of poster and sign-making graphics and special effects including peel-andstick letters and numbers, personalized project sheets, pockets and stencils, all designed to peel off easily and stick on firmly, again and again.

Crayola ReStick ‘Ems Letters & Numbers let students create signs, projects and presentations neatly and quickly. When the inevitable homework “hiccup” happens, just peel off the letter or number and replace or reposition it on the poster. It’s that easy. There are no messy adhesives to damage your work surface or smudge the finished piece.

ReStick ‘Ems Letters & Numbers are available in

a variety of colors including black, translucent and multicolored. Each pack includes 10 sheets with 1-and 2-inch size letters, numbers and punctuation—over 150 stickers in all.

Crayola ReStick ‘Ems Stencil & Glitter Glue lets you create sparkly shapes on any surface. It’s simple to stencil glittery images on a wall, a notebook or a school locker quickly and easily. First choose a stencil shape, then trace the outline with the Sparkle Sticks. When you decide it’s time to redecorate, just peel off and reapply the stencils—as often as you like! Their unique repositionable adhesive won’t damage surfaces and can be reused again and again.

ReStick ‘Ems Stencil & Glitter Glue includes 10 different stencil shapes and 4 Crayola Glitter glue colors in red, blue, yellow and white.

Crayola ReStick ‘Ems Quick Pockets

let you create a quick stick-up portfolio almost anywhere to hold flyers, handouts, note cards and more. Don’t worry if you decide to move your Project Pocket; they peel off easily and can be reapplied as often as you like. Like all ReStick ‘Ems products, they will not damage surfaces.

ReStick ‘Ems Quick Pockets come with 5 pockets in 3 different sizes: 4” x 6”, 5” x 7” and 8” x 10” in red, blue and yellow.


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