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Pop Art Pixies 2010

August 1, 2010 — EASTON, PA — They’re popular, artistic and they love making cool stuff just like pixies! They’re Skye, Maya, Tatum and Naomi --the Pop Art Pixies, the newest “celebs” on the web inviting tween girls to become their on-line friends and show off their creative side! The Pop Art Pixies, true-to-life characters each with unique personalities and special interests, are the basis for a new line of Crayola activity kits for tween girls. The activities are coupled with, an on-line world that allows tweens to “hang out” with the Pixies, make new friends and show off their creativity through an on¬line community created just for them.

The Pop Art Pixies characters form a group of friends that tweenage girls can relate to. Whether they are eco-friendly and into saving the environment like Skye, love to throw parties like Tatum, are into music and technology like Naomi, or love expressing their creative side like Maya, tween girls will enjoy learning about themselves and sharing their unique style at an on-line destination that totally gets them.

A series of 14 design kits tailored to each character’s unique interests, such as Skye’s wooden charm bracelet kit and Tatum’s decoupage glass plates, makes up the physical world of Pop Art Pixies products. Each kit gives girls a chance to make and personalize something new that reflects their personality and interest, then share it online with their friends by uploading photos of their creations at the Pop Art Pixies Web site. Here, they can discover new things, express themselves without judgment, build their self-confidence and enjoy a sense of belonging.

Skye --Sweet and thoughtful, Skye is always thinking of others and how she can help save the environment.

Maya --A free-spirited young lady, Maya lets her inner creativity show and encourages everyone to express themselves without judgment.

Naomi --Big into technology and music, Naomi is independent, determined and very loyal to her friends.

Tatum --Bubbly and sociable, Tatum is the social butterfly of the Pixies. She’s fun loving, outgoing and likes to host parties for her friends.

Crayola Pop Art Pixies Skye’s Water Bottle lets tween girls put their imaginations in motion as they decorate a reusable water bottle that reflects their style and concern for the environment. The kit includes one 500ml aluminum water bottle with cap, 1 Caribbeaner-style carrying clip, 6 pots of DecoArt gloss enamel paint, a paintbrush, 4 stencils and instructions.

Crayola Pop Art Pixies Skye’s Charm Bracelets give stylin’ girls a new outlet to channel their love of accessories. They can create two trendy bracelets to keep and accent their outfits, or, give them as gifts to friends. The kit includes 4 colors of wax-coated cotton string, 12 large wooden beads, 12 small wooden beads, 3 wooden charms and instructions.

Crayola Pop Art Pixies Naomi’s Bento Stationery Box lets tweens decorate a Japanese-style Bento box and use the stationery to write their pals. The roomy box can also be used to store other keepsakes and collectibles. The kit includes 1 plastic Bento box with lid, 2 chopsticks-shaped gel pens in red and black, 25 sticky notes, 1 stamp pad, 1 wasabi-shaped stamper, 12 sheets of stationery, stickers and instructions.

Crayola Pop Art Pixies Tatum’s Mosaic Picture Frame will encourage girls to capture memorable moments with their BFFs and frame their favorites! Girls can customize a picture frame that reflects their uniqueness, then display a photo of themselves, their gal pals or family in their new creation. The kit includes 1, 5x7 plastic frame with easel back and clear window to protect the photo, 3 0.5-oz. pouches of Model Magic, a sculpting tool and color guide, a frame sticker and instructions.

Crayola Pop Art Pixies Maya’s Glass Pendant gives girls two ways to express their creative side. They can design a trés chic piece of jewelry and enjoy wearing it and redesigning it when their taste—or their outfit—changes. Plus, they can decorate a pendant holder and display it in their room, showing off both pieces to their friends and family! The kit includes 1 glass pendant, accessory beads, 6 Crayola Recoloritz markers, 6 easy-to-change acetate disc designs that girls can change to match their mood, two 30-in. nylon cords in black and brown.

Crayola Pop Art Pixies Maya’s Sun

Catchers allow girls to paint a set of cute, colorful sun catchers for decorating their bedroom, study room or any other special spot they call their own. The kit comes with 2 large (bird and rainbow) and 2 small (heart and flower) sun catchers, 2 suction cups, a 22-in. silver cord, 6 paint pots, a paintbrush and instructions.

Crayola Pop Art Pixies Skye’s Wind Chimes will turn a favorite outdoor spot into a colorful sanctuary complete with the sound of tinkling chimes when the wind blows. The kit includes two birdhouses, so girls can spend together-time planning and painting with their BFF, or tackle both pieces by themselves. Six pots of DecoArt Patio paint, a paintbrush, 8 aluminum rods to create chimes, 2 decorative wooden pieces (bird and butterfly), string and instructions complete the kit.

Crayola Pop Art Pixies Maya’s Shadow Boxes

let girls express their inner artist in more ways than one! They can paint their personal shadow box and create art for the interior with the materials that come in the kit or with other mementos they’ve collected. The kit includes 2 wooden shadow boxes, 3 design sheets, 35 foam squares to create a 3-dimensional look, 6 sheets of colored pattern paper, 4 pots of glass paint, a paintbrush, wood varnish and instructions.

Crayola Pop Art Pixies Maya’s Water Color Frames give girls the confidence to create two picture-perfect watercolor paintings they’ll be proud to display, regardless of their skill level. Technology used to create the kit’s canvases allows the design guides to disappear when they’re painted over, so a successful outcome is guaranteed. In addition to the 2 watercolor canvases (dog and flowers in a vase images), the kit comes with 2 frames, 8 watercolors, 2 paintbrushes and instructions.

Crayola Pop Art Pixies Tatum’s Glass Vase Trio

will inspire girls to customize the vases with their own stylish flair to give as a gift or display in their room with other creations and keepsakes. The kit comes with 3 high-quality glass vases in different shapes and heights, 2 stencil sheets, 6 DecoArt gloss enamel paint pots, a paintbrush, 30 self-sticking gem stickers and instructions.

Crayola Pop Art Pixies Naomi’s Color Glow Light is a Pagoda-inspired plastic shade that girls can assemble, decorate and transform into a one-of-a-kind lamp that lets their self-expression side shine through! Perfect for display in their room or any place where they like to spend time, Naomi’s Color Glow Light casts cool, colorful effects that will enhance any décor. The lamp can be lit in two different ways—press the on/off button once and the red, yellow, blue and green lights flash in a random pattern; or, hold the button down as the lamp changes colors and release it when it lands on the color you want to stay lit. The kit comes with 1 accordion shade, 1 base with LEDs, 1 mirrored cone to refract even more color and light, string to hold the mirrored cone, colorful decals to decorate the shade and instructions.

Crayola Pop Art Pixies Tatum’s Party Lights will put pizzazz in her next sleepover or add a dash of spice to her room! The 8¬light LED strand comes with everything girls need to get the party started including 4 paper lantern sheets, 4 marker paper die cut sheets with different patterns, 6 Crayola Pip-Squeaks skinny markers, a glue stick and instructions.

Crayola Pop-Art Pixies Skye’s Herb Garden give girls with or without a green thumb the chance to plant and nurture their own herb garden. Once their garden comes to life, they’ll have something else to look forward to—cooking up a delicious, herb-inspired dish with mom! The kit comes with 3 plastic pots with tray to avoid leaks, 3 I.D. posts, 3 I.D. cards, and 3 clear domes to create a “greenhouse” environment for seed-starting; stencils, a sponge applicator and Deco terra cotta paint to embellish the pots and create texture, and a paintbrush. Coconut fiber growing medium is included for better water retention and optimal growth; 3 starter seedpacks: 1 parsley seedpack, 1 chive seedpack, 1 basil seedpack, and instructions.

Crayola Pop-Art Pixies Tatum’s Decoupage Glass Plates give girls another reason to get together, get creative, and get out the good dishes when the gang comes over to hang out! What could be more fun than designing your own party plates that reflect your style and taste! The kit comes with 2 square plates and 1 round plate, 3 unique design sheets and 3 sheets of printed wrap paper that allow girls to cut out their own designs, 2 oz. of decoupage medium, a paintbrush and instructions. Decorated plates will hold up to repeated hand washing.


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