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New Model Magic Presto Dots Let Kids Make Puffy, Playful Pals

Feb. 1, 2010 --EASTON, Pa.— Making funky, out-of-this-world creations with Crayola

Model Magic has always been one of kids’ favorite things to do with the soft, squishy, non-crumbling, air-drying modeling material. But as quickly as you can say, “abracadabrah,” new Model Magic Presto Dots turns the fluffy stuff into colorful little friends! Kids can successfully create their own colorful characters with fun, bumpy textures by simply pressing and popping perfect portions of Model Magic “dots” onto the character’s base using a “Pop Dot” tool. Once the base is covered with Model Magic dots, kids can make the characters even cuddlier by popping dots on top of dots! But create at your own risk, since once you start to pop dots, you might not want to stop!

The Crayola Model Magic Presto Dots poppin’ good fun

begins by covering a plastic base with Model Magic. Next, take the easy-to-use Pop-Dot tool to “capture”

just the right amount of Model Magic and begin building

your character. The tool comes with an insert that will

scoop up a round ball of Model Magic, about the size of a

marble. Now, press these “dots” onto the Model Magic-

covered base and they will stick to it. Continue to place,

press and pop colorful Model Magic Dots with your tool

and watch your one-of-a-kind, 3-D character come to


Single-character kits come in two assortments—the

Model Magic Sheep Pack lets you make a sheep, a panda

or a mouse; with the Model Magic Puppy Pack, you can

create a puppy, a bunny or a hedgehog. Both come with 4

oz. of Model Magic in appropriate colors, 1 Presto Dot

tool with insert, 1 armature to coat and one character

base. In addition, kits include idea starters to use tools

and extra Model Magic for more fun projects.

A Model Magic Presto Dots Multi-Pack is also available with enough materials to create two characters. The kit comes with 6.25 oz. of Model Magic in 7 colors (light blue, green, yellow green, white, purple, orange, yellow and red), 2 Presto Dot tools with round and star-shaped inserts, 2 character bases (sneaker feet and four-legged feet), 2 armatures, instructions and ideas for using extra Model Magic and tools to keep the creative fun coming!


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