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The new Crayola Chalk Maker lets kids create their own chalk in their choice of colors and shapes, while the kid-powered Crayola Spira-Chalk Blaster puts sidewalk chalk designs in colorful motion! The Crayola 3D Disney Fairies and 3D Disney Toy Story Activity Sets feature all the outdoor tools needed to bring some of kids’ favorite Disney Fairies and Toy Story friends to life with eye-popping 3D effects! With so many ways to have creative fun outdoors, Crayola is helping kids get more than the hour of recommended physical outdoor play time they need.

Crayola Spira-Chalk Blaster lets kids create

big, multicolored spiral designs with a whirling,

twirling top-like sidewalk chalk tool. This

unique new toy will get them outside to play …

every day! Just insert a stick of Crayola

Sidewalk chalk into the Blaster, wind it up, and

then press the button to launch it into a spin.

Watch with amazement as it spins across a

driveway or sidewalk leaving cool, colorful spiral

designs in its path—unique and different every

time! Totally kid-powered, the Spira-Chalk

Blaster needs no batteries.

The Crayola Spira-Chalk Blaster comes with 1

chalk launcher, 2 chalk wheels for creating

different patterns, and 5 sticks of Crayola

Sidewalk chalk.

Crayola Sidewalk Chalk Maker puts kids in the inventor’s seat where they can mix, blend and create their own chalk in wild safari or Caribbean creature shapes. Just combine the colored chalk powder with water in the mixing bottles, then shake and pour into the molds. In about 15 minutes, the new chalk hardens and is ready for outdoor action. Kids can exercise their imaginations as they create big, bold outdoor drawings with chalk they made themselves! Sketch a jungle scene with an orange lion or get down under the ocean with a blue shark—it’s a colorful journey that will last ‘til the next rainfall or the spritz of a garden hose.

Crayola Sidewalk Chalk Maker is available in Caribbean and Safari-themed versions. Each kit comes with 6 jars of colored chalk powder, 2 reusable mold trays and a How-To booklet.

A deluxe Critter Collection, featuring fish and animal shapes from the Caribbean and Safarithemed kits is also available with 10 jars of colored chalk powder, 3 reusable chalk trays and a How-To booklet.

Crayola 3D Disney Fairies and 3D Disney Toy Story Activity Sets let kids draw and color Tinkerbell, Buzz Lightyear, Woody and their favorite Disney Fairies and Disney Toy Story friends in the great outdoors! These colossal kits come with all the tools needed to create limitless scenes as bright and colorful as kids can imagine using bold shades of Crayola Sidewalk crayons and Crayola Sidewalk chalk. Simply trace one of the giant stencils and color it in. Then, put on the special 3D glasses and get ready to ohh and ahh as your scene floats in air! When the fun is done, kids can spray their creations away with a hose and start all over again.

The Crayola 3D Disney Fairies and 3D Disney Toy Story Activity Sets include 1 pair of 3D glasses, 16 sticks of Crayola Sidewalk chalk, 5 sticks of Crayola Sidewalk crayons, 3 giant sidewalk stencils and a How-To booklet.


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