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Crayola Glow Explosion 2010

February 1 --Easton, Pa. --It’s the dawn of a new day in drawing that will change the way kids color and draw forever. Revolutionary Crayola Glow Explosion puts the magic of glow sticks in markers that let kids create the first ever glow-inthe-dark colors on paper --yes, paper! Not only can kids create glow-in-the-dark art with Glow Explosion markers and paper, but the intensity of their creations will be so bright, it’s as if they created colorful, high-votage light! Once the colored markers are put down on paper, a special activator marker turns on the glow for up to four hours, so kids can show off their glow at sleepovers, concerts, birthday parties or

whenever they want to fire up their imaginations!

The Crayola Glow Explosion fun starts with a

sheet of special Glow paper, five unique Glow

Explosion markers and one activator marker.

Sketch a scene, write your name or just

start coloring. Then get ready for the

amazing, colorful glow to begin! Kids can turn

on the glow by coloring over their drawings

with the special activator marker and then

watch it light up the dark like a neon sign!

Draw and color with Glow Explosion in the

light, but to view your creations in glowing,

luminous color, just turn out the lights and

turn on the long-lasting fun. Looking for an

activity to keep the “night owls” occupied at

a sleepover? Glow Explosion will keep them

creating until the sun comes up!

Crayola Glow Explosion Markers and Paper

comes with 20 sheets of Glow paper, 5 Glow

markers and 1 Glow Activator marker.


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