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Dynamic Dinosaur at The Crayola FACTORY®

Dynamic Dinosaur at The Crayola FACTORY®

Special dinosaur replicas on loan from Academy of Natural Sciences

Easton, Pa. – February 1, 2010 – GIGANTIC fun is at The Crayola FACTORY now through May! Come see a nine foot tall Brontosaurus; an 11 ½ foot long Stegosaurus and a 6 foot tall Tyrannosaurus Rex all made out of pvc pipe, chicken wire, staples, Papier Mache and paint. These colorful dinosaurs will be on display now through May 23 at The Crayola FACTORY during the Dynamic Dinosaur theme!

The measurements of the three dinosaurs are:

Stegosaurus is 11’ 6” long; 5’11” tall and 3’ wide

Tyrannosaurus Rex is 11’ long; 6’ tall and 4’ wide

Brontosaurus is 10’ long; 9’ tall and 3’ wide

Also on display are items on loan from the Academy of Natural Sciences.

• Struthiomimus specimen plate: a replica of the actual death pose of CLAWS. This CLAWS dinosaur was a rare discovery where the skeletal parts were found mostly articulated and are easily identifiable.

• Edmontosaurus annectens: a replica foot of this duck billed dinosaur.

• Tyrannosaurus Rex foot: a replica of this carnivorous dinosaur’s foot.

• Stuthiomimus sedens: this replica contains 18.5 inch metatarsals, with 15 toe bones and three toes.

• Veloceraptor: this fully fleshed out specimen is on display in Super Sculptures.

During this colorful theme The Crayola FACTORY will host a variety of fun hands-on activities, including: Imaginary Dino Hatchlings using a collage technique, construction paper and various Crayola art materials in Creative Studio; Prehistoric Daily Journals using washable paint, dinosaur stampers, and an assortment of Crayola Products in Easton Press & Bindery; and Dinosaur sculptures using Crayola Model Magic in Super Sculptures.

Don’t miss this roaring fun theme at The Crayola FACTORY. General admission is $9.75 per person, children 2 and under are free. For information and reservations call 610-515-8000.

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