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There’s More to These Colors Than Meets the Eye!

February 1, 2009 — EASTON, Pa. — Creativity is about limitless possibilities and once again, Crayola gives kids bold new ways to create everything imaginable with new Crayola Chameleon Colors and Color Switchers markers. Just as the name suggests, Chameleon Colors change their hue depending on the paper kids are drawing on. With Color Switchers, marker strokes turn different colors with the swipe of a special “color change” marker tip. These new art supplies deliver an unexpected outcome that will inspire kids to create like crazy! And moms will feel good knowing that she can power her child’s imagination for under $10.

Like the color-morphing reptile they’re named after, Crayola Chameleon Colors

magically change to shimmering metallic hues on black paper and softer pastels on white. The set includes Twistables Color Stix crayons and a drawing tablet with alternating black and white sheets. A dinosaur that appears green on white paper may show up pink on black paper, or a yellow sun on white paper might turn blue on black paper. Kids will love the unexpected color change craziness, bringing a colorful new dimension to their artwork!

Crayola Chameleon Colors include 5 Crayola Twistables Color Stix and a 34-page tablet, including 17 sheets each of black and white drawing paper.

Crayola Color Switchers are dual-ended markers that allow kids to magically change the colors of their drawings with a swoosh of the “color switch” tip. Each Color Switcher features a broadline marker on one side and a clear-ink tip marker on the other. The clear ends only reveal their true colors when kids color over the marks they’ve made. With Color Switchers, kids can draw a red house with one end of the marker and then switch sides to add yellow windows.

And if that wasn’t enough color commotion, undercover artists can also use the clear tip to write top-secret messages to their BFF that can only be revealed by coloring over it with the opposite side of the Color Switcher marker!

Crayola Color Switchers feature 6 Crayola broad-tipped, dual-ended markers that offer a total of 12 bright color-switching colors: Scarlet Starlet to Bold Gold; Yummy Plummy to Inky Pinky; Denim Venom to Icy Dicey; Screamin’ Green to Grape Ape; Tangerine Dream to Scary Canary and Mustard Custard to Looney Marooney.


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