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Color Wonder! No More Stress About Mess!

February 1, 2009 — EASTON, PA — Most moms have made the startling discovery of finding their children in the middle of a creative moment in a “no art zone” like the family room sofa, the dining room table or on top of her new comforter. With Color Wonder, she can breathe easy the next time she finds her little one intently creating wherever they are inspired. That’s because Color Wonder is mess free. The markers and paints appear only on the special paper and nowhere else! Kids will love the magic, and moms won’t fret about mess—not on clothes, walls, skin, furniture or carpeting!

Crayola is adding more magic, more mess-fee peace of mind and mobility to Color Wonder with the Color Wonder Stow & Go Studio, Color Wonder Fingerpaint and Color Wonder Disney Princess Glitter Paper. More magic means more fun! And because Color Wonder markers and paints can be used with any Color Wonder paper, there’s no limit to the masterpieces young artists can create.

Crayola Color Wonder Stow & Go Studio provides mess-free creative fun for on-the-go families. Whether it’s a long wait at the doctor’s office or passing the time on your way to a vacation destination, Color Wonder is a child’s anytime, anywhere creative companion! The Stow & Go Studio provides a solid, compact drawing surface with stay-put clips that are big enough to secure a single piece of paper or an entire Color Wonder activity book. Kids will enjoy creating with mess-free Color Wonder markers that make colors magically appear on special paper and reveal special hidden surprises. Moms appreciate that whenever Color Wonder goes on the road, there’s no worry about mess.

Built into the studio are two convenient storage compartments—one for markers and one for activity books, with enough room left over to store additional coloring pages or other Color Wonder art tools.

The Color Wonder Stow & Go Studio is available in purple, lime and orange, and features a 12-page Jungle Safari-themed Color Wonder Activity Book, and 4 Color Wonder mini-markers in orange, blue, brown, and green.

New Crayola Color Wonder Fingerpaints & Paper delivers a satisfying creative experience for young artists, while giving mom complete confidence in its mess-free promise. Color Wonder Fingerpaints are clear, fast-drying gels that feel just like traditional fingerpaint. With Color Wonder, kids can fingerpaint up a storm, and the only place you’ll see color is on the special Color Wonder paper!

The fun and functional hand design is compact and self-contains each paint pot. When kids are finished creating their fingerpaintings, they simply snap the fingerpaint lids closed, and paint stays fresh and ready to use again! Moms will love the “handy” built-in finger cleaning sponge that allows kids to clean their fingers as they create.

Color Wonder Fingerpaints & Paper comes with 5 mess-free Color Wonder Fingerpaints in red, yellow, green, blue, and orange, a built-in finger cleaning sponge and 12 extra-wide sheets of Color Wonder paper.

Color Wonder Disney Princess Glitter Paper takes loose glitter and messy glue out of the picture when kids want to add sparkle to their artwork. The glitter is built right into each “fun-tastic” Disney Princess Color Wonder coloring page, making the creation of glittery masterpieces possible for precious princesses everywhere! Simply color over the glittered coloring pages with Color Wonder markers to add dazzling effects to each unique Disney Princess portrait.

Color Wonder Disney Princess Glitter Paper features 5 Color Wonder markers and 12 pre-glittered Disney Princess-themed Color Wonder pages.


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