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Crayola Brings More Surprising Fun to Kids Creativity with Color Explosion 3-D and Extreme Surprises.

February 1, 2009 — EASTON, PA — Kids love a good surprise, and nothing delivers an unexpected creative experience quite like Crayola Color Explosion. The markers are colorless, the paper is black or white, and when the two come together—KABOOM!—unexpected bold color and cool designs explode off the pages for hours of creative fun.

Crayola is launching two new ways for kids to draw and create with surprising colors in 2009 with Color Explosion 3-D and Color Explosion Extreme Surprises. From creating 3-D worlds that leap into the air, to never knowing what colorful designs are waiting to appear on the next page, kids won’t want the Color Explosion fun to ever end!

New Crayola Color Explosion 3-D lets kids create 3-D worlds and designs that pop off the page with special markers, paper and 3D glasses. Just trace the outline of the scene and watch magical colors come to life. Color it in to reveal surprising images and words, then activate your creation by putting on a pair of 3-D glasses and watch your artwork swim, leap or explode into the air! The colorless markers make color appear anywhere on the page, so adventurous artists can personalize their 3-D designs with captions, their names or embellish their “brilliant” discoveries with special designs.

Color Explosion 3-D is available in two sizes; regular size comes with an 18-pg. tablet, 6 Color Explosion markers, 3-D glasses and an easel. Color Explosion 3-D Wide Edition doubles the fun with a 9-pg. tablet that’s almost twice the size of the regular version, 6 markers, 3-D glasses and an easel. Both include a mix of 3-D scene pages and blank pages for open-ended creativity.

Color Explosion Extreme Surprises is true to its name! Just like a box of chocolates, kids will never know what they’re going to get, as each page reveals a different surprise design as it’s colored on. Using the special Color Explosion clear ink markers, kids will “ooh and ahh” as unexpected patterns like geometric shapes, musical notes or camouflage patterns appear on the page.

Color Explosion Black Extreme Surprises is available in 3 different 18-pg. black tablets (each sold separately) and includes 2 Broad Tip Color Explosion markers and 1 stencil sheet.

Color Explosion White Extreme Surprises is also available in 3 different 18-pg. white Color Explosion tablets (each sold separately) with 2 Broad Tip Color Explosion markers and a stencil sheet. It also features a Crayola Washable black marker for outlining, so kids can add even more personalization to their creations.


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