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Toddlers can make their first marks in more ways with 2008 additions to the Beginnings family.

From egg-shaped TaDoodles Easy Stampers designed for a child’s first full palm grasp, to new easy-to-hold triangular markers and paints, each age-appropriate Crayola Beginnings art tool helps little ones build confidence, language and writing abilities, and important motor skills. So what are you waiting for -- let the scribbling begin!

Crayola BeginningsTaDoodles Washable Easy Stampers are similar in size and shape to TaDoodles markers, crayons and paints, but offer something unique—a colorful stamp that matches each character! There’s a crocodile, beaver, duck, donkey, parrot and a cow, that stamps an image of itself when pressed on paper. The egg-shaped stampers are designed for a child’s first full palm grasp, making them easy for a toddler to stamp up a storm. Each stamper is capless. Simply depress them on paper and the ink is reactivated; no stamp pad is needed.

TaDoodles Washable Easy Stampers come in two assortments of three each, in six different colors of washable ink: red, purple, orange, green, brown and yellow.

Crayola’s Beginnings Washable Triangular markers were designed to guide little fingers toward a writing grip. Similar to Crayola Beginnings Triangular crayons, the markers have a distinctive shape that help children 24 months and older hold them with the thumb and two fingers for more controlled drawing.

Beginnings Washable Triangular markers come without caps, so there are no caps to lose! Their unique design allows them to be reactivated by simply dabbing them on paper several times. The set of five washable markers come in red, yellow, orange, blue and green.

Crayola Beginnings Washable Triangular paintbrushes, like Beginnings Triangular markers and crayons, were designed to guide children's fingers to the tripod position, a grip that is important for developing writing skills later on. The all-in-one Triangular paintbrushes require no water, so there's nothing to dip or spill. Their unique paint delivery system allows the brush heads to dry out and be reactivated by tapping them on paper. Once the brushes are ready for action, children can experiment with how their strokes create colorful lines and swashes.

Beginnings Washable Triangular paintbrushes come in a set of four colors including red orange, yellow green, blue green and brown.

Crayola Beginnings TaDoodles Washable Tub crayons bring colorful, creative fun to bath time! These cute egg-shaped characters—specially formulated for coloring in the tub—are equipped with their own little life preservers that allow them to float! The crayons come in six colors—red, yellow, orange, blue, green and purple—that twist up when the tips wear down. Completely washable, colors simply come off with water and a soft cloth.

Beginnings TaDoodles Tub crayons are available in two assortments of three each: Dog, Pig and Elephant or Dolphin, Seal and Crab.

TaDoodles Washable First Marks feel right at home in their own natural habitat—an Icy Igloo, a Sandy Shore or a Cozy Cave. The tiny-finger-friendly markers, designed for toddlers’ first palm grasp, come in two’s and sit side-by-side in the surroundings they call home. A baby bear and a walrus snuggle in their Icy Igloo; a crab and a turtle retreat to the Sandy Shore; and a lion and a gorilla huddle up in their Cozy Cave. TaDoodles Washable First Marks Environments' are made to dry out between uses and can be reactivated by simply dabbing them on paper. The Environments snap together so toddlers can create a colorful colony for their TaDoodles art buddies to call home!


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