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Outdoor Art Goes 3D! Toy Wishes Magazine Names 3D Sidewalk Chalk “Hot Summer Toy”

New Crayola 3D Sidewalk Chalk will have kids saying “Sweeeet,” as they watch their artistic creations float in mid-air! Recently named to Toy Wishes magazine’s Spring 2008 Hot Dozen list -- the editor-selected hottest toys of the summer season -- the dual-ended, multi-colored sticks of chalk combine the right colors for creating eye-popping 3D driveway art that literally “rises above” anything they’ve ever created outdoors. Cool, Crayola-inspired 3D glasses make the magic happen. Put on a pair and watch the “warm” colors rise, while “cool” colors recede, creating the illusion of 3D. Seeing is believing! Crayola 3D Sidewalk is available in two assortments:

Classic Set of 5 sticks of dual-ended 3D Sidewalk chalk (10 colors in all), a pair of durable plastic 3D glasses and a “How To” booklet that shows kids how to make their very own 3D scenes. ($4.99)

Deluxe Outdoor Activity Sets with 8 pieces of dual-ended 3D Sidewalk chalk (16 colors), a bottle of Crayola Sidewalk paint, a paint brush, 3D glasses and a “How To” booklet, plus 4 giant stencils in Jungle Safari or Underwater Adventure themes. ($9.99)

The Crayola Sidewalk Paint Foamer lets kids create unique outdoor art with a motorized paint foamer. Unlike regular sidewalk paint that goes on flat, the Paint Foamer dispenses colorful, fluffy foam that puffs up on driveways and sidewalks as it oozes through a plastic wand. Just point the wand on a driveway or sidewalk, select from one of two colors, press the trigger and you’re ready to make big, colorful patterns or write messages that are sure to be memorable!

The Crayola Sidewalk Paint Foamer comes with 2 bottles of Crayola Sidewalk paint and 1 bottle of foaming solution. A color change dial lets you choose between yellow or blue, or select the blending dial that will produce a pastel green blend of the two.

A refill kit for the Sidewalk Paint Foamer is also available with 2 bottles of Crayola Sidewalk paint and 1 bottle of foaming solution, enough to fill the foamer two times ($5.99). The Sidewalk Paint Foamer and its refill will be sold exclusively at Target.

Crayola Giant Inflatable Easel turns the backyard into an oversized art studio! This humongous outdoor canvas will be the tableau of choice for kids who get their artistic inspiration from the great outdoors. The Giant Inflatable Easel’s sturdy, durable frame stands 5 feet tall by 5 feet wide, and is easily inflated with its own foot pump; a water-filled base keeps it stable. The reusable canvas cleans up easily with a spray of water or wet cloth, and can be easily deflated for storage. The Giant Inflatable Easel comes stocked with kids favorite outdoor art supplies including 5 pieces of Crayola Sidewalk chalk, 2 bottles of Crayola Sidewalk paint, a giant paint brush and a foot pump, so the fun can begin right out of the box!


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