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MORE Total Tools... Tackle Multiple Tasks With Ease and Flair!

Crayola Write-Color pencils combine a classic Crayola colored pencil with a standard #2  graphite pencil, so one tool does the job of two!  Since students often use colored pencils in tandem with graphite, there’s now no need to change pencils, just flip it over and get creative.  The soft, squishy grip slides up and down for easy sharpening on either end.  Write-Color pencils come in 10 classic colors, with a graphite pencil on each end.  That’s 20 writing, coloring and drawing tools for the price of 10! 



Crayola Dual-Color highlighters have more of what kids look for in their highlighters—a brilliant variety of colors that hold up to heavy-duty use.  Each marker has a different color highlighter on each end, making color-coding projects fast and easy.  The grips are soft and squishy, so doing school work feels more like doing the fun stuff!  Total Tools  Dual-Color Highlighters come in a 2-pack containing four bright shades of  yellow, green, orange and magenta.



The Total Tools  Erasable highlighter makes homework headaches history!  One end is a bright yellow highlighter and the other end removes the highlight—cleanly and completely whenever a correction is called for!  With a cool look and signature soft, cushy grip, the Erasable Highlighter makes underlining notes and books totally goof-proof!  Each pack contains two Total Tools  Erasable highlighters with an easy-to-hold comfort grip.



Whether the project calls for BIG art and bold lettering, or fine detail work, Crayola Total Tools  offers a marker that’s up for the challenge.  Crayola Superfine markers have  ultra-thin tips that are perfect for projects that require writing and detailed drawing.  With Crayola-quality washable ink, these markers won’t stain skin or clothing, and come in 5 classic shades of red, blue, purple, green and yellow. 


Crayola Mega Poster markers make a bold statement on banners, posters, signs or any surface that you want to stand out in a crowd!  Their oversized ¾-inch tips can fill in large areas that require lots of vivid color or create colossal, billboard-size letters that really get the word out.  Crayola Mega Poster markers come in 4 washable colors including red, blue, purple and green.

Crayola Superfine and Mega Poster markers both have the soft, squishy easy-to-hold grips that put Total Tools in a class of their own!


And speaking of markers, new Crayola Flip-Top markers will make moms and kids flip their lids!  Thanks to the cleverly-designed marker and cap combo, it’s impossible to lose the cap.  Just slide the cap down its track and back—it remains attached to the marker throughout the trip!  No more dried up tips and no finger-pointing at Fido when caps are unaccounted for.  Crayola Flip-Top Washable markers are available in red, blue, purple, green, yellow and black.




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