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Crayola Expands the Zoogles' Universe

New Zoogles Characters and Unique Environments Add to the Fun!

Easton, Pa. -- Move over Mr. Trump. The Zoogles universe is adding new real estate to its magical world of make believe. New for 2005, you’ll find zany Zoogles characters residing in their very own two-story house and shopping at the local mall in their "Zoogle-hood." The Zoogles House and Zoogles Mall environments add play value and offer kids a great new way to stimulate their imaginations while having fun. In addition, new Zoogles assortments expand the family tree to include Clumps, Buddies and Bunches -- 32 unique characters in all! These kooky little creatures that kids love to customize and collect continue to be an excellent value for mom and a low-mess, year-round creative activity for kids 3 and older.

Crayola Zoogles House and Zoogles Mall provide special play environments where Zoogles and their imaginary friends live and "hang out." Each comes in a sturdy plastic carrying case with handle and contains 4 Zoogles, 2 Zooglings, 4 collectible story cards describing each Zoogle’s personality, 2 trading disks, 8 Crayola Washable watercolors, 1 Crayola watercolor brush and a 10" x 10" vinyl playmat. These and all Crayola Zoogles are made of a special material that allows Crayola Washable watercolor paint to immediately soak in, making this a low-mess activity that’s fun for kids and worry-free for moms.