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Silly Putty Fact Sheet

  • More than 300 million eggs of Silly Putty have been sold since 1950. That’s about 4,500 tons, enough to create a giant wad the size of the Goodyear Blimp!

  • Binney & Smith produced more than 6 million eggs or nearly 90 tons of Silly Putty last year.

  • A golden touch was added to Silly Putty for the 50th Anniversary with the introduction of Metallic Gold Silly Putty.

  • A collection of Silly Putty products and historical materials now resides at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History in recognition of the role Silly Putty has played in American history and culture.

  • A 14-karat gold 50th Anniversary Silly Putty egg and a lifetime supply of Silly Putty was up for grabs for the most inventive use for Silly Putty. Prolific putty users were invited to submit their ideas into the "Silliest Uses for Silly Putty" contest through, the official Silly Putty site that bounced onto the World Wide Web on March 2, 2000, in celebration of the golden anniversary.

  • The astronauts of the Apollo 8 mission carried Silly Putty into space with them, in a specially designed sterling silver egg, to alleviate boredom and to help fasten down tools during the weightless period. Neiman-Marcus, a Dallas, Texas, retailer, later sold the limited-edition Silly Putty eggs for $75 in their Christmas catalog.

  • Silly Putty is a permanent resident of the National Toy Hall of Fame in Salem, Ore., a museum that celebrates the creative genius of toy makers and recognizes the positive influence that toys have on children’s learning and creativity.

  • Many athletes, including baseball, football and tennis players, use Silly Putty to strengthen their grip, a practice made popular by NFL Hall of Famer, Raymond Barry.

  • Silly Putty was used at the zoo in Columbus, Ohio, to take hand and foot prints of the gorilla population as replica prints for educational purposes.

  • Artist George Horner sculpts Silly Putty into unique creations which he sells for up to $2,000 each!

  • Lifting images from color comics is among the most popular use for Silly Putty. However, several newspapers today rely on new "cold" printing processes and new inks that don’t leave impressions on Silly Putty. Although, it still has that same alluring quality that entices kids and adults to give it a squeeze, pull it apart, stretch it like a rubber band, or ricochet it around a room.

  • Silly Putty is recommended by many therapists as an ideal stress reliever because of the calming effect playing with Silly Putty can have on your nerves.

  • Silly Putty has been used for thousands of purposes including cleaning computer keyboards, plugging leaks, removing lint from clothing, and leveling the leg of a wobbly table.

  • Silly Putty is often referred to as the toy with one moving part.

  • Silly Putty is recommended by several organizations which help individuals quit smoking. Smokers are encouraged to play with Silly Putty every time they get the urge to light up.


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