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The Top 50 Silliest Uses for Silly Putty

Known as the toy with one moving part, uses for Silly Putty are almost as numerous as the more than 20,000 eggs snapped together each day at the Silly Putty factory in Bethlehem, Pa. To commemorate Silly Putty’s 50th anniversary this year, the maker of the silly stuff gave Silly Putty fans the opportunity to enter their inventive uses into the "Silliest Uses for Silly Putty Contest." An internal panel of Silly Putty experts evaluated more than 3,000 entries and selected the following ideas as the silliest, most original and yes, practical, too. Contact: Stacy Gabrielle (610) 253-6272 ext. 4297

  1. Form Silly Putty into a ball, throw it at the stock market listings and invest in the stock it lifts off the page. -- Peter Hyde, Collinsville, Conn.

  2. End an unbearable date by making a swollen gland with Silly Putty and excusing yourself because you’re not feeling well. -- Judith Daly, Norwich, Conn.

  3. Use Silly Putty as an alternative to cement handprints at Mann’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood for flash-in-the-pan actors. -- Charles Garrett, Dallas, Texas

  4. Stick yucky vegetables under the dining room table with Silly Putty. -- Pam Straub, North Hampton, N.H.

  5. Roll a long piece of Silly Putty across your dorm room floor to clean it without a vacuum. -- Justin Knull, Urbana, Ohio

  6. I used Silly Putty to take a fingerprint off my truck that was broken into. They caught the culprit and a few weeks later, I got all my stuff and a reward. -- Ron Franko, Library, Pa.

  7. Use Silly Putty to give hairdos to Pez dispensers. -- Stephanie Han, Costa Mesa, Calif.

  8. Make a golden chicken with Gold Silly Putty, thereby solving the age-old question, "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" -- John Hamilton, Pembroke, Ontario

  9. Use color changeable Silly Putty instead of a mood ring to bring back that 70’s feel. -- Barbara James, Clifton, N.J.

  10. Use Glow in the Dark Silly Putty to find the snooze bar on your alarm clock. -- Josh Hanf, Lima, Ohio

  11. Copy your mom’s picture, so you can have it when you miss her at school. -- A. Marcou, Kendall Park, N.J.

  12. Use Silly Putty in the study of martial arts. It flows like water, breaks like a brick, it can disguise itself and has the agility of a cat. -- Brian VanOsdol, Springfield, Mo.

  13. Shape Silly Putty into the Jetson’s and use each half of the egg as their spaceship. -- Deb Snow, Fremont, Calif.

  14. Neighbor Keep Out! Roll your Silly Putty into snakes of all sizes to scare away pesky neighbors. -- Gregory Jepsen, Gloversville, N.Y.

  15. Insulate your beverage can with Silly Putty to keep it cold. -- Kurt Coldfelter, Severn, Md.

  16. Make a boat for your pet hamster. -- Alex Zercher, Plymouth, Minn.

  17. Stretch Silly Putty from an overhead light and stick Post-it Notes on it in a row so the information can be easily transcribed. -- Kenneth Clark, Clyde, Texas

  18. Mold Silly Putty into replacement dice for board games. -- Josh Hanf, Lima, Ohio

  19. Replace ice sculptures by molding Silly Putty into a centerpiece. -- Nathan Conner, Columbus, Ohio

  20. Bring an imprint of a contract for a client to sign on Silly Putty as a meeting ice- breaker. -- Ken Sadamasa, San Mateo, Calif.

  21. You are a secret spy and your mission is to obtain high level documentation in a hurry. Simply take your Silly Putty and smash it on the paper. -- Kris Smith, Cape Coral, Fla.

  22. Practice your golf putting at work with Silly Putty. If the ball hits something, the boss won’t know because Silly Putty is silent. -- Gale Noel, Cincinnati, Ohio

  23. Use Silly Putty to dust off your window blinds. -- Nikki Bohley, Brookpark, Ohio

  24. Use Silly Putty to fill in bowling ball holes that are too large. -- Phyllis Wegrzyn, Coral Gables, Fla.

  25. I use Silly Putty to cover the microphone on my cell phone and block out unwanted noises on the golf course, so my boss can’t tell where I am. -- Mike Ryan, Lansdale, Pa.

  26. Use Silly Putty as an emergency ping pong ball. -- Joe Cangelosi, Cranford, N.J.

  27. Make croquet balls out of Silly Putty to add an amusing dimension to an otherwise drab game. -- Nathan Conner, Columbus, Ohio

  28. Astronauts can use Silly Putty for baseballs. -- Steve Schultz, Northboro, Mass.

  29. Use it to make copies when you have no quarters for the copy machine. -- Anne Gerdovich, Vienna, Va.

  30. Bounce it around the floor to find your lost contact lens. -- Joan Hudson, Toledo, Ohio

  31. For an elegant dinner party, edge inexpensive white plates with 50th Anniversary Metallic Gold Silly Putty. -- Barbara Schepers, Kansas City, Mo.

  32. Practice juggling with Silly Putty. -- Tracey Wade, Lebanon, Tenn.

  33. Make a Silly Putty bag chair, similar to a bean bag chair. -- Douglas Schwartz, Austin, Texas

  34. I use Silly Putty for picking up Bingo chips. -- Deborah Peck, Milton, Vt.

  35. Flatten it out and make a check. Oops, it might bounce! -- Phyllis Duke, Yonkers, N.Y.

  36. To help your child learn how to read certain words, write them down in pencil and then lift them up off the page using Silly Putty. It's a great way to help them remember the words! -- Carol P., Lebanon, Ohio

  37. Use Silly Putty to hold keys in a hiding place, like on the underside of your car. -- Clint Roderick, Red Lion, Pa.

  38. Wrap it around a pencil and use as a grip. -- Jeff Lane, Jenks, Okla.

  39. Silly Putty your change to the dashboard, so you’re never stuck fumbling for change. -- Lucy Berg, Sussex, N.Y.

  40. I use it as thumb cover so I can count money quickly at work. -- Holly Bright, Manchester, N.H.

  41. Make impressions of children’s hands and then turn them into turkeys for Thanksgiving. -- Michelle Henry, Philadelphia, Pa.

  42. When I proposed to my wife, I put her engagement ring in the egg. -- Steven Moody, Leeds, Ala.

  43. Open a twist top bottle without hurting your hands. -- Steve Waslander, Toronto, Ontario

  44. Use all the different colors and mold a dozen roses for your mother. – Tena Geiger, Plano, Texas

  45. I Use Silly Putty to grip my shot put so I can get used to holding it. -- Josh Hanf, Lima, Ohio

  46. To retrieve the ID marks on aircraft surfaces that are hard to reach. -- Robert Wilson, Wichita, Kan.

  47. Stick Silly Putty on the bottom of your dog’s bowl so it doesn’t slide around the floor. -- Amy Graham, Cincinnati, Ohio

  48. Use it for flexible frisbees. -- Gregory Jepsen, Gloversville, N.Y.

  49. On a recent fishing trip, I ran out of bait and fashioned Silly Putty as a fish lure. Within minutes, I was battling a three pound bass! -- Robert Lieberman, Philadelphia, Pa.

  50. Use Silly Putty as a year-round party favor. -- Kristen Barrett, Phoenix, Ariz.


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