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Silly Putty Bounces into The National Toy Hall of Fame

Classic toy inducted along with Tonka Truck

SALEM, Ore. -- March 28, 2001 -- Silly Putty, that peculiar pinkish substance that bounces like a rubber ball and marked 50 years as an American toy classic last year, is celebrating another milestone – its induction into The National Toy Hall of Fame.

Silly Putty and the Tonka Truck will officially be inducted into The National Toy Hall of Fame at A.C. Gilbert’s Discovery Village in Salem, Ore., on March 28. The silly toy, used by generations of children for lifting comics off the funny pages, bounces into the Hall’s collection of classics which includes Crayola crayons, the hoola hoop, Lincoln Logs and The Monopoly Game. Silly Putty was voted in over 80 other classics nominated last year, including Raggedy Ann and G.I. Joe.

"The timeless qualities of Silly Putty and its multi-generational appeal helped put Silly Putty over the top in the voting," says Kim Baldwin of A.C. Gilbert’s Discovery Village. "No one can ever forget what it was like to give the toy a good squeeze for the first time."

Since 1950, more than 300 million eggs of the "real solid liquid" have been sold – enough to create a giant wad the size of the Goodyear Blimp. The curious pinkish compound is now sold in 16 different colors including metallic gold, introduced for the 50th anniversary last year, glow-in-the-dark and "color changeables" that change from orange to yellow and purple to pink from the heat of your hand. Binney & Smith, maker of more than 6 million Silly Putty eggs each year and Crayola crayons, inducted into The Toy Hall of Fame in 1998, introduced two new colors -- silver metallic and bronze Silly Putty -- this year.

"Whether you’ve stretched it like a rubber band, bounced it like a ball or used it for more practical purposes like cleaning a computer keyboard or fixing a wobbly furniture leg, nothing else is Silly Putty," says Stacy Gabrielle, Silly Putty spokesperson. "The toy with one moving part is just as much fun to play with today as it was when it was first introduced over 50 years ago. We’re honored that Silly Putty is receiving a place of honor among other classic toys of our time."

The induction of Silly Putty marks the fourth year for the Hall of Fame awards. A.C. Gilbert’s Discovery Village was named after Salem, Ore. native Alfred Carlson Gilbert, the inventor of the Erector set and the Gilbert Chemistry sets.

The Discovery Village includes a 20,000 square-ft. outdoor science center with the world’s largest Erector set -- a 40-ft. climbing tower. A.C. Gilbert’s Discovery Village established The National Toy Hall of Fame to recognize those toys that play or have played a vital role in the lives of children and to empower children to learn through the process of inventing toys.


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