Learning Timeline


Bring out the baby pictures! Kids track what they've learned-how to walk, talk, ride a bike-and chart major milestones in their lives.


1. You are growing up so fast! Talk with your family, read your baby book, and look at your baby pictures. Find out when major events occurred in your life. When did you learn to walk? Say your first word? Read? Ride a bike? When did you lose your first tooth? Start school? Make a list of your life's milestones.

2. On a large roll of white paper draw a timeline of your life with Crayola® Washable Markers. Start with the day you were born. Mark the months and years, and show when you learned each new thing.

3. Draw a picture to illustrate each important event. Write what you remember, or the stories you've heard, about each stage.

Safety Guidelines

Adult supervision is required for any arts & crafts project. Observe children closely and intervene as necessary to prevent potential safety problems and ensure appropriate use of arts and crafts materials. Some craft items, particularly beads and buttons, are potential choking hazards for young children. Avoid use of such small parts with children younger than 3 years. Craft items such as scissors, push pins and chenille sticks may have sharp points or edges. Avoid use of materials with sharp points by children younger than 4 years. Read all manufacturers' safety warnings before using arts and craft supplies.


  • Invite families of special needs students to work with them on this project. Celebrate each child's accomplishments and maturation!
  • Research one period of human development in depth. For example, make a list of all the things babies typically learn in their first year. Or students look ahead and find out what they'll be learning when they're older.
  • Prepare Learning Timelines as personalized gifts for holidays such as Mother's Day or Father's Day.

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Lesson Plans

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crayola supplies
  • Markers
household supplies
  • paper roll



  • Grades 1 to 3
  • Special Needs


  • Math
  • Science
  • Visual Arts


  • 30 to 60 minutes
  • Multiple Sessions


  • Children research family records and interview family members to identify when they reached major child development milestones.

  • Students record dates in their development in chronological order on a chart.

  • Students illustrate each stage of their development on their timelines.


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