Cursive Creatures


Make a new name for yourself while having fun with cursive. Design and introduce a clever character created from your name or initials.


1. Fold a sheet of construction paper in half. On one side of the fold, write your name or initials in large cursive letters with Crayola® Colored Pencils.

2. Cover your work area with newspaper. Use Crayola Washable Paint and a Crayola Paint Brush to quickly paint over your handwriting. While the paint is still wet, carefully refold and press your paper to make a mirror image. Open your paper. Dry.

3. Try to imagine an animal taking shape within your print, on either one or both sides of the paper. The animal might be real or imaginary. Draw the creature and its features with Crayola Washable Markers. For a soft effect, such as fur or feathers, use a damp paint brush to blend the colors. Dry.

4. Introduce yourself to classmates or school visitors by telling about your name and the Cursive Creature you drew with it.

Safety Guidelines

Adult supervision is required for any arts & crafts project. Observe children closely and intervene as necessary to prevent potential safety problems and ensure appropriate use of arts and crafts materials. Some craft items, particularly beads and buttons, are potential choking hazards for young children. Avoid use of such small parts with children younger than 3 years. Craft items such as scissors, push pins and chenille sticks may have sharp points or edges. Avoid use of materials with sharp points by children younger than 4 years. Read all manufacturers' safety warnings before using arts and craft supplies.

Crayola Washable Paints—Not for use as body/face paint.


  • Instead of your name, write a word describing your favorite activity. Design a scene with that activity in the mirror print.
  • Exchange a mirror print of your name with a friend, or with someone you just met. Find out more about each other, such as your hobbies and interests. Decorate each other's names with descriptive images and words.
  • Draw an outline of yourself. Fill your drawing with cursive letters hidden in the art. Use the letters of your name, your favorite colors, your favorite pet...anything about YOU.

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crayola supplies
  • Paint Brushes
  • Colored Pencils
  • Markers
  • Washable Kid's Paint
  • Construction Paper
household supplies
  • recycled newspaper
  • paper towels
  • container(s) of water



  • Grades 1 to 3
  • Grades 4 to 6


  • Language Arts
  • Visual Arts


  • Less than 1/2 hour
  • 30 to 60 minutes
  • Multiple Sessions


  • Students practice their cursive writing skills in a large format.

  • Children create reversed prints of their names or initials, and then draw an imaginary animals incorporating the shapes of the prints.

  • Students improve their confidence in public speaking by using their art to introduce themselves.


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