Amish Quilters


Make dioramas depicting the endurance of an old world culture in modern times.


1. After researching information about the Amish way of life, discuss how quilting is a necessity as well as a way for women to socialize within the Amish community. How is the Amish way of life similar to, and different from, your own life?

2. Use various colors of Crayola® Construction Paper™ Crayons and Crayola Washable Markers on construction paper to create a diorama background inside a recycled box. Attach the background with Crayola School Glue.

3. On white paper, draw and color various figures of women and girls who are taking part in a quilting bee. Cut them out with Crayola Scissors. Glue the figures inside the box.

4. Create an Amish quilt design with crayons. Place it on a quilting frame or in a quilter's lap in your diorama.

Safety Guidelines

Adult supervision is required for any arts & crafts project. Observe children closely and intervene as necessary to prevent potential safety problems and ensure appropriate use of arts and crafts materials. Some craft items, particularly beads and buttons, are potential choking hazards for young children. Avoid use of such small parts with children younger than 3 years. Craft items such as scissors, push pins and chenille sticks may have sharp points or edges. Avoid use of materials with sharp points by children younger than 4 years. Read all manufacturers' safety warnings before using arts and craft supplies.

Scissors—ATTENTION: The cutting edges of scissors are sharp and care should be taken whenever cutting or handling. Blunt-tip scissors should be used only by children 4 years and older. Pointed-tip scissors should be used only by children 6 years and older.


  • Design an Amish quilt pattern, color it on white paper using Crayola Fabric Crayons. Iron the pattern on fabric. Sew together to create a class quilt.
  • Research Amish quilt patterns to find the meaning of each design.
  • Younger children and students with special needs cut and use geometric shapes such as circles, triangles, squares, and rectangles to copy, or form an original, quilt pattern.

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Lesson Plans

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crayola supplies
  • Construction Paper™ Crayons
  • Markers
  • No-Run School Glue
  • Pointed Tip Scissors
  • Construction Paper
  • Giant Floor Pad
household supplies
  • recycled boxes



  • Grades 1 to 3
  • Grades 4 to 6
  • Special Needs


  • Social Studies
  • Visual Arts


  • 30 to 60 minutes
  • Multiple Sessions


  • Students research details about the Amish way of life, such as farming and quilt making.

  • Students compare and contrast their own way of living to that of the Amish lifestyle.

  • Students construct a diorama showing Amish women making quilts.


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