Art Tips and Techniques
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Specialty Markers

MultiCultural MarkersMulticultural Markers
Use Crayola® Multicultural Markers to create children and adults from different ethnic backgrounds, and from around the globe.

Gel F/X MarkersGel F/X Markers
Use Crayola® Gel F/X Markers to create bright pieces of artwork on black paper. You can make book covers by covering textbooks with black paper and then decorating them with these fun, bright markers.

MultiCultural MarkersColor Wonder Markers
Use Crayola® Color Wonder Markers to create these fun projects only on the special Crayola® Color Wonder paper. These unique markers do not get on clothes, skin, or fabrics which prevents mess. Check out these ideas: Color Wonder Weave, Color Wonder Critters, and Thirty Wonderful Dots.

MultiCultural MarkersMiniStamper Markers
MiniStamper Markers are special markers with an image on the tip. When you press down it leaves stamp marks. Use MiniStampers to add details to existing projects or use them to create MiniStamper MiniMasks.