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Terms and Conditions

In connection with my application for permission, I agree to comply with the following terms and conditions, and any other terms and conditions as required by Binney & Smith:

  1. Any permission, if granted, is for one-time use only for the publication/use specified and may not be sold, assigned or transferred. A new permission request must be filed for each subsequent reproduction, publication, or republication (reprinting, revision, translation, etc.) of images and for the use of additional images.

  2. No images supplied from the Binney & Smith web site may be used to show or imply that Binney & Smith or Crayola® endorses any commercial product or enterprise, concurs with the opinions expressed by the user, or confirms the accuracy of any text used with these images.

  3. For any image you wish to use that contains the Crayola name, or a Crayola trademark (including, but not limited to, the Crayola chevron and the serpentine design featured on crayons and markers), you must obtain prior written approval of the specific use. Binney & Smith reserves the right to prohibit the use of Crayola® Dream-Makers® images in any request or project. Each image/reproduction must bear a credit line for Crayola® Dream-Makers® and state the program's edition number and/or title (example: Courtesy of Crayola® Dream-Makers®, Program No. 8 "Millennium Traveler".

  4. Preferred credit attribution would include: the child's first name only (no last names may be used), the child's age and/or grade, the state where the artwork originated, the title and the child's Dream Statement (as appropriate to text). Additional information on media and technique may also be included. Prior written permission must be obtained from Binney & Smith for inclusion of any additional information about images found on the web site.

  5. Use of Crayola® Dream-Makers® images in commercial ventures (i.e., on T-shirts, licensed product, etc.) is prohibited.

  6. Upon completion, a copy of the publication or use must be sent free of charge, to the Manager of Art Education, Binney & Smith Inc, 1100 Church Lane, PO Box 431, Easton, PA 18044-0431.

  7. Binney & Smith gives no exclusive rights to any publisher, author, or other organization and accepts no responsibility for duplication of images by others.

  8. The requesting party agrees to give a nominal donation to Crayola Dream-Makers to help support the program's arts advocacy programming and components. A $30 donation is suggested for use of 1-4 images. A $75 donation is suggested for use of 5 or more images. We request that a donation be made to the Dream-Makers program for use of images.

    Send your donation in the form of a check or money order payable to:
    Binney & Smith,
    1100 Church Lane,
    P.O. Box 431,
    Easton, PA 18044-0431,
    Attention: Crayola Dream-Makers.
    Your donation will insure the availability of images for future use.

  9. Permission for reproduction or use is granted only when this application is countersigned by the Crayola Dream-Makers Manager or Director of Art Education or the Art Education Program Administrator.

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Which of the following best describes your interest in Dream-Makers?

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