Welcome to the Gallery of Artists

The artwork appearing in the Gallery of Artists was created by young artists. This collection includes works from the Crayola® Dream-Makers® program.

Matthew S., Age 7, UT

"My family made May baskets of flowers and took them to our Russian neighbor. She waved, and said, Thank you, thank you. She seemed closer to me after that."

About Crayola® Dream-Makers®
Introduced in 1984, the Crayola® Dream-Makers® program encourages the development and learning of children, from kindergarten through 6th grade. Crayola® Dream-Makers® provides resources to teachers as well as a national forum to exhibit student artwork. The images in the Gallery of Artists were selected from the Crayola® Dream-Makers® collection, one of the largest collections of children's artwork in the United States with nearly 3500 images. A unique aspect of the Crayola® Dream-Makers® program is that young artists are encouraged to interpret their work through a Dream Statement that accompanies each image.

For more information about the Crayola® Dream-Makers® program, click here.

The images on this page are the result of the Crayola® Dream-Makers® program and create a rotating gallery on this page. To view a different image, please reload this page. Dream-Makers® images are also available in the Gallery of Artists and can be searched in that feature by artist information, theme, technique, art media and format.