Grant Program

Thank you for your interest in the Champion Creatively Alive Children™ grant opportunity!

Apply for a grant to create an innovative art-infused education program. Download your application now or go to

In collaboration with the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP), Crayola is offering up to 20 grants. The applications will only be accepted from principals who are members of NAESP. If you are not the principal, please collaborate with your school's leader to develop the plan and confirm that he/she is currently a member of NAESP. If not a member, go to to find out how to become a member.

Educators whose schools received this grant in 2011 will not be eligible to apply for 2012-2013 grant. Instead we urge you to become a judge to help score new proposals. 2011 winners may apply again in 2013.

Applications should be sent to or fax to 610-515-8781, ATTN: Anita DeChellis.
Applications will be accepted until 12:00 Midnight EST, Friday, June 15, 2012!

Grant awards will be announced by October 15, 2012.

Frequently Asked Questions

Briefly, what is the Champion Creatively Alive Children™ grant program?
Up to 20 grants will be available from Crayola to help educators explore the "What if..." opportunities that are innovative, promising practices that could inspire other educators to implement similar programs.

Why is Crayola sponsoring this program?
Crayola is inspired by educators who ignite children's abilities to bring new ideas to life. There is something magical about children's self expression. That magic occurs when education leaders develop effective ways to bring colorful wings to the invisible things that grow in the hearts and minds of children. Using their visual voices helps students engage in learning, as they share thoughts and feelings. Crayola and NAESP want to help educators find and nurture promising practices.

Who is eligible?
The application must be submitted by an elementary school principal, in the United States or Canada, who is a NAESP member and intends to be a NAESP member during 2012-2013 school year.  If the principal is not a member, he/she can join now at

Does my principal have to be a NAESP member?
Yes, the applying principal must be a National Association for Elementary School Principals (NAESP) member for the 2012 - 2013 school year (If not a member, please join now at

What is the grant?
The school will receive $2,500 to implement the project and $500 worth of Crayola products. 

How will I know if my school is awarded the grant?
The principals will be notified via e-mail in early October if the school is a finalist. The principal must submit the required photo permission forms and W-9 form by deadline or grant will be forfeited and an alternate will receive the grant.

How do I get an application?
Online at either or the National Principal Resource Center -

When are the applications due?
Applications should be e-mailed to or fax to 610-515-8781, ATTN: Anita DeChellis.  Applications will be accepted until 12:00 Midnight EST, Friday, June 15, 2012.

What if my school does not have an art teacher?
If the school does not have a certified Art Educator, the principal should collaborate with the person who is designated within the school to teach the arts.

My principal is a member of the State affiliate association, but not the national (NAESP) - what do we do? 
The principal must also be a national NAESP member - nonmember principals can join now at

Should the applications focus on one of the five "What if..." ideas outlined in the RFP?
No, we encourage a "what if..." that addresses your school's needs.

What if my principal leaves during the 2012 - 2013 school year?
The school's new principal should join NAESP at

Do I need to gather parents' signatures on photo permission forms now?
No, only the finalists need to submit the signed Crayola/NAESP photo permission forms and the W-9 form. Those are due in early October and are required before a grant can be funded. If a finalist school does not submit those forms before the deadline, an alternate will receive the grant.