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Crayon: Burnt Sienna
Intro Year:1903
Original Box:Studio & School 24
Celebrity Favorites:Billy Crystal, Sen. Richard Durbin

Unique Color Information

Personality Traits
earthy, dependable, comfortable, nature, simplicity, comfort, quality, harmony, hearth, home, security, sense of belonging, family life, down to earth

Cultural Meanings
The Japanese do not have a specific word named brown. Rather they use more descriptive names such as “tea-color," "fox-color," and "fallen-leaf.” In India, brown is the color of mourning because it resembles dying leaves.* Native Americans believe the color brown to represent the power of self discipline.

Fun Facts
The color brown stimulates the appetite. If you dream of the color brown it means you will be lucky with money.*

Cleveland Browns

“Brown is rich like the earth, bountiful with gifts of friendship, strong at heart, often prudent, sometimes frugal, but always generous.” –Astrologists--Gemini*

“My Brown-eyed Girl” (Van Morrison)

Contrasting and Complementary Colors
Brown doesn’t have a contrasting color. Everything goes well with brown. That is why this color is so dependable.

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Coloring & Activities
No.44 Burnt Sienna
No.44 Burnt Sienna