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Crayon: Brick Red
Intro Year:1949
Original Box:Box of 48

Unique Color Information

Personality Traits
hot, energetic, loud

Cultural Meanings
In the Cherokee tribes, red was a symbol of success. Red beads were used when praying to ask for long life or recovery from illness. The Native Americans associate red with faith and communication.

Fun Facts
A ruby was worn in China to promote long life.

The British Red Coats wore red uniforms so that bloodstains were not as visible. They even reused coats after soldiers died.

Contrasting and Complementary Colors
In order to see the color red, the lens of the eye has to make a special adjustment to focus on the red wavelength, and this adjustment makes the red appear to advance or zoom in.* Red is the most dominant color in the color spectrum. Red has the longest wavelength and the lowest energy of the color spectrum.

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Coloring & Activities
No.19 Brick Red
No.19 Brick Red