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Crayon: Blue
Intro Year:1903
Original Box:Studio & School 12
Celebrity Favorites:Mike Myers, Dan Reeves, Rick Wagoner, Dion Glover, Roshown McLeod, Scott Fankhouser

Unique Color Information

Personality Traits
calm, relaxed, loyal, soothing, tranquility, peace, confident, serene, purity, gentleness, infinity, strength, reliability, healing, patience, truth, devotion, honor, sincerity, wisdom, security

Cultural Meanings
To the Cherokee Indians, blue represented failure or disappointment. They would imagine themselves red, and pray for the enemy to become blue and walk in a blue path.

Fun Facts
In karate the blue belt represents the blue sky and a plant (student) growing toward it. The sky light feeds the plant (student) and it continues to grow. Blue belt students enhance physical skills and promote mental growth.

Toronto Blue Jays, St. Louis Blues, Columbus Blue Jackets

“Blue Moon” (Alley Cats), “Blue Suede Shoes” (Elvis Presley)

Contrasting and Complementary Colors
The contrasting, or opposite color of blue is orange. When the two are placed next to each other they appear to vibrate. Blue is complemented well with other cool shades, such as green or purple. Blue works well with earth tones and neutral colors, such as brown, beige, or gray.

Blue Hawaii (1961), Blue Lagoon (1980)

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Coloring & Activities
No.1 Blue
No.1 Blue