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Crayon: Bittersweet
Intro Year:1949
Original Box:Box of 48

Unique Color Information

Personality Traits
vibrant, warm, autumn leaves, adventurous, enthusiastic, good-natured

Cultural Meanings
In the United States, the color orange is believed to help increase the amount of oxygen flowing to the brain.

Fun Facts
To the human eye, orange is viewed as the hottest color both in temperature and appearance. The color orange is used as an appetite stimulant. Wear orange in the summer because mosquitoes hate the color. They are attracted to darker colors.* Orange is a sign of informality or affordability, which is why this color is used in fast food restaurants and garage sale signs. Orange is the only color on the spectrum whose name comes from an object, the orange fruit.

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Coloring & Activities
No.40 Bittersweet
No.40 Bittersweet