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Crayon: Indigo
Intro Year:1999
Original Box:Wizard's Box of 120

Unique Color Information

Personality Traits
loyal, patience, devotion

Cultural Meanings
Tibetans and ancient Indians used this color to make prayer shawls. They believed the color strengthened their concentration and spirituality.

Fun Facts
Elvis Presley’s Cadillac was blue before he painted it pink. The expression “out of the blue” means something came from an unexpected area and time.

Many years ago the only way to get indigo-colored dye was to take it from the Indigofera Tinctoria plant that only grows in India. Many people tried to get it, which made it rare, exotic, and unique. Indigo blue was thought to be used by Egyptians as early as 4500 BCE to wrap their mummies.

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Coloring & Activities
No.20 Indigo
No.20 Indigo