Q. What is Activity Studio?

A. Activity Studio lets you make activity sheets to save, print and share. They're also great to use with all Crayola products. Pair your activity sheets with our Crayola Dry Erase Activity Center to reuse over and over again. Our various background templates and clip art allow you to create endless possibilities. You can choose from hundreds of pieces of clip art, a full range of colors, numerous font styles, and you can even upload and use your own photos.

Q. How do I register my free account for Activity Studio?

A. You can sign up for a free account at It's quick, and it's easy!

Q. How do I make a new Activity Sheet?

A. First, you must register for a Crayola account or log-in if you are already a Crayola user. Then, click the "Make an Activity Sheet" box at the top of the main page. On the next page, click the "New" box. When the "New Activity Sheet" box appears, choose either "Portrait" or "Landscape" for your paper orientation, then click "Start." You can then use the "Templates," "Clip Art," "Photos," and "Text" tabs to add items to your sheet. Note the drop-down menus under "Clip Art" and "Text" to give you more options. You can also Search for items by keyword under "Clip Art."

Q. How do I add color to my sheet and to items on my sheet?

A. When you choose one of the "Templates," "Clip Art," and "Text" tabs, you will see option tabs in the box below for things like "Color," "Gradient," and "Effect." Color allows you to apply a solid color to the background, clip art or text. Gradient allows you to fade two colors on the background, clip art or text. Effect allows you to apply a drop shadow or stroke outline to clip art or text. Make sure you have clicked on the item on your sheet that you want to color before you select a color.

Q. How do I change or delete an item that I have added to my sheet?

A. Once you have added an item such as Clip Art or Text to your sheet, you can make it bigger, smaller, rotate it, flip it, or move it to the background or the foreground by using the buttons in the column to the left of your sheet. You can also click on the corners of the item to rotate it or make it bigger or smaller. If you want to delete the item, click on the item, then click on the trash can symbol at the bottom of the column to the left. There are also a variety of keyboard shortcuts that also work within the application:

Delete/Backspace - Hitting the "Delete" or "Backspace" key will remove the object from your activity sheet – just make sure you've selected the object to remove before hitting the button.

Shift + corner drag - If you want to proportionately scale or resize an object, whether smaller or larger, hold down the shift key as you drag the corner in order to keep the dimensions proportional and avoid distortion.

Arrow keys – Hitting any of the four arrow keys will nudge the selected object in the corresponding direction.

Alt + object click – Holding down the alt key as you click an object will duplicate it and add it to the canvas.

Q. How do I upload a photo?

A. Click on the "Photos" tab, then click the "Import Photo" box. Choose the photo from your computer that you want to use. When you have selected your photo, you will then need to Place your photo. You have the options to make it bigger, smaller, rotate it, mask it, and add effects. Masking the photo allows you to create shape that your photo will fit within. You can also add a colored stroke outline and drop shadow to the photo. When you are satisfied, click the "Save" button. You can also change your mind and delete it by clicking the "Cancel" button. If you choose to Save, your photo will then appear on your sheet. Note: Sheets with photos that are shared in the gallery will not include the uploaded photo for remixing.

Q. What is the Activity Studio photo upload policy?

A. You may not upload any images or materials copyrighted by anyone other than yourself. You also may not upload anything offensive or harmful to others. For the complete policies on uploading content to Activity Studio, you should carefully review the Terms and Conditions.

Q. How do I save my Activity Sheet?

A. Once you are satisfied with your sheet, click the "Save" button. You can then choose to Name Your Design, add a Description, and select up to five categories that apply to your sheet. If you want to, you also have the option to let other people see your sheet by checking the "Share My Design" box. Then click the "Save" button. Once you have saved your sheet, you can choose to continue to work on it, create a new sheet, or go to the galleries, where you can view All Activity Sheets that everyone is sharing. To view the ones you have saved, click on the "My Activity Sheets" tab. .

Q. How many Activity Sheets can I save?

A. Your My Activity Sheets gallery can hold hundreds of sheets.

Q. I just saved my Activity Sheet, but I can't see it in the gallery. Why?

A. It takes up to 48 hours for a sheet to be approved for everyone to see. Once approved, it will appear in the galleries.

Q. How do I print my Activity Sheet?

A. You must first "Save" your sheet. Then click the "Print" button.

Q. How do I edit or print an Activity Sheet that I have already saved?

A. Click on the "Browse & Print" box at the top of the main page. This will take you to the gallery, where you can click on the "All Activity Sheets" tabs to browse the sheets made by all users, or click on the "My Activity Sheets" tab to browse the sheets you have created and saved. On the "All Activity Sheets" tab, you can Filter by Category to view activity sheets specific to the category or categories selected. You can then click on any sheet you like and click the "Print" button to print it. You can also click the "Remix" button to edit the sheet, using the same tools you use to create a new sheet. You can then save it or print it for yourself. On the "My Activity Sheets" tab, you can Print, Edit or Delete any of the sheets you have created and saved.

Q. How do I "Like" someone's Activity Sheet?

A. Click on the "Browse & Print" box at the top of the main page. This will take you to the gallery, where you can click on the "All Activity Sheets" tabs to browse the sheets made by all users. Click on the sheet that you want to like, then click "Like This?" Liking an activity sheet helps Crayola rank those that have been valuable to other users. The homepage includes an area where you can view the activity sheets that have been most liked today, this week, this month, and of all time.

Q. Can I share my Activity Sheet on Facebook?

A. You can share your saved sheet, or the sheets that others have chosen to share, on Facebook. Find and click on the sheet you want to share, then in the pop-up window, find the Facebook icon marked "Share" and click on it.

Q. What happens if my question isn't answered here in the FAQ?

A. Use our Contact Us link.